I have Monday all over me

I have about 9,234 things to do today.

I'm at work until about 11:30, then I have errands to do and phone calls to make, before gathering up the kids and heading over to an indoor amusement park-like place for Punkin's friend party.

There will be about 10 over-excited seven year olds in attendance, and approximately 2 adults (I'm including myself in there).

I would consider "mixing myself a Coke" when I get home from that adventure, but we have a parent/teacher conference tonight before 6:00pm. It might not look too good if I show up to the conference all 'snockered.'

Besides, the only thing I have in the house to mix with my Coke is ice.

I'm looking forward to making it through this day in one piece, with a couple of brain cells left in tack. What? A girl can dream, can't she?

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