We've been counting down until Christmas -- well, Punkin counts down to Christmas, I countdown until the day after Christmas.

I'm nearly done with the shopping, and I've found the wrapping paper I purchased last week. All the cards are done, including a couple of 'extra' cards. We (pretty much) have a plan for traveling the circus around to various groups of family for some traditional holiday fun.

Punkin was in a holiday program at her school. She did very well, and enjoyed it quite a bit, despite telling us several times over the past few weeks that she was feeling nervous about the whole experience.

We have yet to see Santa, and get asked every day (by Punkin) when we will go. We are going tomorrow -- heh, December 23, there won't be too many people there, right? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Today, though, today I'm here at work. The office is rapidly turning into a ghost town. On my way home tonight, I plan on stopping to pick up a little "Christmas Cheer". I'm not big on egg nog, but I think a glass of wine this evening after the kids finally go to bed is in order. Perhaps it will help me get the presents wrapped faster.

Next year, I'm going to do things differently and not be rushing around at the last minute. That's my plan, anyway. I really don't like dreading the countdown...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah sure next year will be different. lol B.B.

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