Two pods with peas

"I'm an old lady. I don't need to seem cool and interesting and crazy and on the edge." That is what Julia Roberts said in a recent interview with People magazine (or so I read.) She is only a year older than me, and has fewer kids than me. (Although our kids have better names)

The Hubby and I are going to a 'get dressed up' function in the next few weeks. Hubby's attire is easy to get ready -- all I have to do is check the closet to see if his suit and tie have been dry-cleaned. (Mental note: Check to see if Hubby's suit and tie have been dry-cleaned tonight when I get home.)

My ensemble, however, involves looking through my closet, figuring out what dresses I have that would be suitable and trying things on. I really don't want to go out and buy a new dress this year. There really isn't time for that, and to be honest, why spend the money if I have perfectly good (if previously worn) dresses in my closet? Right? Right.

So, last night, I tried on the dress I wore to my BIL/SIL's wedding four years ago. It seemed a little tighter, and then I looked in the mirror. Oh. My. God. The horror. I sucked in my gut -- The result was only marginally better. I modeled the dress for Hubby who echoed my own thoughts "Will control top nylons take care of that?" The answer, I'm afraid to admit was "Not enough".

The next dress was tried on was just a little bit better. Black is supposed to be slimming, right? Apparently, not if you look at your profile in the mirror. I looked like I was about four months pregnant! Very sad -- and the little jacket that came with the dress just wasn't long enough.

Dress three -- there's that gut again, but there is a *little more* room in this dress, and the design of it might conceal the effect of three kids on the butt and gut.

I stood there, looking at my reflection in the mirror and realized I'd become middle-aged overnight. When did that gut get there? How did I make it to my MID-30's so quickly?

Lord help me. I'm a middle-aged Mom. Funny, a l-o-n-g time ago, I wanted to be like Julia Roberts "I'm an old lady. I don't need to seem cool and interesting and crazy and on the edge." -- be careful what you wish for.


Circus Kelli said...

And just so you know... that is where the similarities between Julia Roberts and myself end... ;)

Anonymous said...

Bonnie says just wait, without a real heavy duty girdle, which I can't seem to find, doesn't get any better. :-)

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