You wouldn't think

that I had a really good Christmas this year with the flu going around our family and all, would you? In fact, several people have commented that I had a bad Christmas.

Can I tell you, that's not really the case -- I mean, it sucked having the family sick over the holiday, and having to postpone some of the gift exchanges through a wrench into things... but, then again...

I am blessed with three great kids, an awesome husband, and good family and friends. My Hubby and kids were all together this year for the holiday, we did have fun despite the virus, and each one of us got a chance to just lay around and rest for a while.

Hee... the kids all had matching jammies, too... that was neat.

Oh, did I mention, we were all together? That and my brand new napkin holder that matches my set of dishes just made my holiday.

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