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The company I work recently just installed a little three foot long shelf in each of the four (2 for men, 2 for women) five-stall bathrooms.

This morning, an email went around from our Maintenance department saying that these little shelves were requested so we can have a place to set items on (instead of setting items somewhere along the continuous four-sink vanity which takes up the wall across from the stalls) without the fear of said items getting wet. Some of the sinks leak, but the majority of the stray water comes from people not wiping the area around the sinks when they are done using them.

The message further instructs us to "...not use this shelf to set drinks on for that would defeat the purpose of the shelves!..."

Lastly, one more request from Maintenance:
"...please take a moment and wipe the counter top when you’re done, the next person will greatly appreciate it."

Um, if everyone would wipe the counter top when they're done, we wouldn't need the little shelves, would we?

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Closet Metro said...

Kelli, you must inform these ignorant individuals on the horrors of shitmist. No drinks in the bathroom!!!

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