So, like, Happy Freakin New Year Dude

Um, yeah.

There are days when I look at the stuff I write in my journal, and wonder who that is. Those are the days I'm tempted to post completely contrary stuff here.

Bi-polar much? Speaking of polar... damn it's cold here! And SNOW?! What's that all about? Snow in Northern Illinois in January?! Go figure. I'm tempted to call my grandmother in Florida so she can tell me how warm it is down there, and how she's sitting on her porch ("lanai") with the windows open, listening to the fish jump in the canal behind her house.

And on a completely different subject:
I can't hear the word "Dude" anymore without thinking of Crush the sea turtle from Finding Nemo and hearing the word echoed as "Dooooooooooood". Which makes me think of Sweet Pea saying "Doo" every time she sees any kind of turtle. Which makes me think about quoting the dialoug from the movie. Which makes me think I *really* need to get her another DVD...

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Girl.A said...

Mister FishyPants jumps in the canal behind your gramma's house in Lanai????

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