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Around our house, I'm the cook. I'm not a gourmet cook by any stretch of the imagination. "From scratch" means that I open the box all by myself. "Homemade" means "prepared at home." (Someday, though, I'm going to be a more adventurous cook, I swear... really... )

Anyway, I try to make food the family will eat, but still have some sort of rotation of foods so that we are not eating the same thing night after night. I also try to make something BESIDES Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper so no one gets *completely* bored with dinner.

We eat things like spaghetti, chicken, pork chops, pizza, the occasional steak, tacos, meatloaf... that sort of thing. Unfortunately, the only thing the kids have deigned to eat for the past few nights (because I REFUSE to make more than one thing for dinner to appease the picky little stinkers) is open-faced jelly sandwiches. Seriously. There may even have been a night when their dinner was just bread and butter. It's not because I'm not trying, though! The adults eat chicken and stuffing -- the kids want jelly sandwiches. I can't remember what else I made for dinner this week, but the kids ate jelly sandwiches instead.

Punkin asks me what is for dinner nearly the moment I walk in the door. Upon hearing the answer, she says "well, I don't want a lot. I'm not that hungry."

Sweet Pea will take one look at something and declare "Me no like."

Buddy isn't up to feeding himself much yet, but will push something he doesn't like right back out of his mouth if he doesn't like it. Then he does his best to wiggle himself free of the high chair.

Last night, I thought, "Fine! We'll have SOUP. They like soup." Nupe. Buddy didn't want the soup. I made him a jelly sandwich just so he'd have something in his tummy.

Of course, Sweet Pea wanted a jelly sandwich then. Actually, Sweet Pea will usually eat a bit of what everyone else is eating. So she had soup AND a jelly sandwich. Punkin, for once, was happy with the soup.

Tonight, we're having steak and potatoes for dinner. I'm also making some mixed vegetables to go with it.

The kids will most likely have open-faced jelly sandwiches -- again. Goofy kids.


Lex said...

My standbys are frozen chicken nuggets from Costco, grilled cheese sandwiches, and oatmeal. Isa (almost 3) will eat oatmeal any time of day!

Terri said...

You could try the old "You don't have to eat it. Only big kids and mommies and daddy's like grown up food!" Of course they will catch on to you in no time and you'll be forced to come up with something else.

I am at work. I literally can't keep my eyes open and just looked down at my white blouse and notice I have purple yogurt stains and ink all over me. And, I just came out of an executive meeting. Nice, huh? No grown up food for me!!!

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