Mommyland, It's not just me after all...

I read this very interesting article today on MSNBC called "Mommy Madness".

I'm not in the habit of scouring news sites and forwarding articles, but this one struck so close to home for me, I thought it might be worthwhile to post here.

Some snippets from the article:
..."Women today mother in the excessive, control-freakish way that they do in part because they are psychologically conditioned to do so..."

"...I have seen so many mothers banging their heads against a wall. And treating their pain—the chronic headache of their lives—with sleeping pills and antidepressants and anxiety meds and a more and more potent, more and more vicious self-and-other-attacking form of anxious perfectionism. ..."

"And I hope that somehow we will all find a way to stop. Because we are not doing ourselves any good. We are not doing our children—particularly our daughters—any good. We're not doing our marriages any good. And we're doing nothing at all for our society...."

I began reading this article with a certain amount of skepticism. By the end of the article, however, I felt differently.

If you're a Mom, whether you work outside the home or not, perhaps you can identify with this article, too.


Dang Cold.. said...

Well I'm no mom but the article makes sense madame. Since I can't come over and check out hubby's chopper's for real I thought I'd stop in a say 'hey'. I got beer :D

Spurious Plum said...

Just wanted to say I like your blog, and all those little green squares, too.

Circus Kelli said...


Well, I'm glad you did. Beer, huh? Cool. Welcome!


Circus Kelli said...

Thanks! Your design is kickin'!

courtney said...

Hi, I just finished writing my latest blog entry and decided to check out what was happening on Dooce...where I found your site. Crazy my entry was about being a stay at home mom...there seems to be a growing debate these days. Just wanted to say thanks for posting the article - I'm glad I came upon your site...please stop by and check out www.mooshoopork.net

Suzanne said...

hi there, got you off of Dooce...did you read all 3 of the articles? I was smiling after I read them because I realized I wasn't completely insane for feeling the way I do about some of the mom's in my cheesy little town...nice blog.

part-timer said...

Since I am a "part-timer" (part-time worker, part-time SAHM) I can totally relate to all of this. The only problem is today is my day at home, so I didn't have time to actually read the whole article. Love your blog design..hee hee, same as mine, but yours is green. Love your comments at Dooce. And your site.

Dang Cold.. said...

I wouldn't think you were being preachy if you told me to wear a scarf in..well..February :)

Have a nice weekend!

Closet Metro said...

As a single dad I can really relate to that article. Thanks for posting the link.


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