Fortune It

Nearly every family has one or more TV shows they make a point to watch all together, don't they? You know, the show that you will schedule weekend errands around, or utilize that Heaven-sent-item-somebody's-making-a-million-for-this-idea TiVo for.

Our oldest clown, Punkin has been learning to read this year, and is very proud of her newly found skill. She is a very good reader, and, if I may brag a teeny bit, is ahead of her grade level. She will take every opportunity to read -- street signs, billboards, my emails (over my shoulder), notes I leave on the counter... anything.

One of the shows that has become a recent family favorite is Wheel of Fortune. Not only does it help Punkin recognize words, the show is "family friendly". She was given the computer version of Wheel of Fortune a month or so ago, (thanks Russ and Mary!) and has really enjoyed it. Even Sweet Pea, our 2-1/2 year old gets into it. Sweet Pea stands right next to Punkin's desk chair, and "plays along" with her as best she can. Because you can type in the names of the players, Punkin has added Sweet Pea's name to the list. Sweet Pea can press the mouse buttons to "spin" and Punkin will advise her on which letters to select to solve the puzzle.

When the show is on television, we all get into it, shouting out our guesses on the puzzle (sometimes they are real guesses, and sometimes they are completely off the wall) and commenting on the players, the prizes, and the hosts.

Hubby has made a tradition of commenting on the show's hostess (nothing lude or crass) when she makes her walk over to the puzzle board during the opening moments of the show. You know the hostess I mean. The lovely letter-turner who's job I covet. (Seriously, what a great gig, THAT would be!)

On this particular night, Hubby wasn't in the room when LLTWJIC made her walk. Sweet Pea took it upon herself to fill in for him saying "She hot. Show leg." (She's hot, and she's showing some leg tonight.)

Along the time I began to recover from that remark, the players began to spin the wheel. Sweet Pea piped up "Bee money! Bee money! Oh, it's not me..." (big money, big money, oh, I'm not playing).

I just wanted to scoop that kid up and hold her close forever.

How fortunate are we, huh?


Dang Cold.. said...


I LOVE baby talk. I can't until my neice starts babbling away. Bee money indeed!! Cute story CK you proud mommy you.


Dang Cold.. said...

I can't WAIT until my NIECE starts talking.

Mrs.Strizzay said...

that is so super sweet! AAWWWW

Circus Kelli said...

Hee hee... there is that adage about being so excited about when the babies start to talk, then wishing they would stop talking later...

I will neither confirm, nor deny the truth in that adage. ;)

Mamaramma said...

CK - That's an adorable story. What's weird is that I remember watching Wheel of Fortune with my great Grandma at that age oh so many years ago, and Vanna and Pat haven't really changed all that much. I think they're aliens.

Cat said...

Of course, you KNOW me and mine watch American Idol. I mean, OF COURSE. Then we break out the karaoke machine and HAVE AT IT! Um, I may just be joking about that last part.
Or AM I?
Hey, I been sick... What's up with comments on Dooce? Anyone?

Spurious Plum said...

She's a smarty! "She hot. Show leg" had me laughing so hard, co-workers were giving me the crazy-lady-death stare...

Now hold out for Jeopardy!

Closet Metro said...

That's so cute. I remember in my teen years, we used to play along after dinner, and whoever solved the puzzle first got out of doing dishes that night.

Susie said...

Tooooo sweet. Yea, just scoop her up and squish her:)

Bev Sykes said...

I sent you an e-mail, but I'll add a note here too. Your husband might enjoy this:


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