Hey, how YOU doin?

So... I'm still here.

Workin on some web stuff for work, for my "on the side" work, and personally.

Alternating between feelin crappy and feelin good, both physically and mentally.

Dealing with kid stuff, work stuff, house stuff, stuffy stuff.

Winter sucks. Too much gray. Too much cold. Too much sleet and snow.

Need sunshine in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Gotta get back to actual work now, though. I'll come back to either here or my journal site and fill you in more on what is going on later, mkay?

Oh, one more thing -- a little shout out to Striz and Mamaramma -- hey dolls! What up?


Mamaramma said...

How YOU doin? Thanks for the shout out! I can honestly say I've never been the recipient of a shout out before. Hope things get a little easier for you. It's got to be rough with three kids - I can't imagine right now. I know what you mean about the grayness, too. Ugghhhhhhhhhhh. Take care, darlin'.

Closet Metro said...

Your "peeing fire super power" comment on Dooce today made me laugh out loud. I figured I'd tell you over here, since Dooce already has a few hundred comments today. It's getting to the point where I look for the names first, then read the comments of the people (like you) that are consistantly worth reading.

Cat said...

Oooooh, take heart, Grasshopper... Spring soon! Green! Flowers! Birds! Um, other foofy good spring stuff! Just around the corner, I tell you WHAT.
Keep on truckin'.
Power through.
Uh, I got nothin'.
But seriously, take care, CK darlin'.

Dang Cold.. said...

Hang tough CK you're doin' fine. I've had my fill of winter too sister believe me. I need summer in the worst possible way.


song said...

hey, I'm just trailing random sites from dooce to get a break from the gooseshit conversation. And I hate stuff. Don't let the stuff get you down. It will not win. Have a happy weekend and remember to breathe. ~song

Vajana said...

I'm right with you with the winter blahs...hope things get better. I just booked a trip to WDW for the first week of May...if that don't cheer us up what will!

Anyway, spring is definitely coming. I won't start spouting "Annie" songs but I bet me just mentioning that, THAT SONG will be stuck in your head for at least 5 minutes or so....

Take care!!

Snickrsnack Katie said...

Hey darlin'! Glad to see a post from ya'. I can tell you have been busy this week. Don't worry - spring will be here before you know it and things will start to look a little more bright! Even here in Houston it is unseasonably cold and wet. I can't wait for the birds to start chirping, too!

Busy Mom said...

Hope your winter blahs are healing. I noticed you have three kids and a job, I do too, so I just thought I'd say hello!

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