Don't tell me it's Monday

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Circus Kelli here, reporting from The Office.

So far, so good today. Porky bellies seem to be down a bit, and energy levels are on the rise. Progress was made this weekend on the financial front, as talks continue around daycare and education expectations for the 2006-2007 school year.

Progress was also made by the Secretary of the Interior and local residents over the weekend. The chaotic state of the livingroom seems to be the only remaining issue at this time.

Overnight, there was a bit of a disturbance in the atmosphere. The neighbors were getting a car towed around 12:30am from the LOUDEST tow truck on the planet. It would seem that someone got into a bit of a fender bender. Perhaps if they were SLEEPING like the REST OF US rather than gallivanting around the county at all hours, that wouldn't have happened.

A short while later, her royal tiny fartiness, Princess Sweet Pea was awake and calling out. Apparently, the call was a false alarm, and she was back to sleep shortly after help arrived. Several minutes later, however, she was heard again calling out for her mother, this time, to request a story. She was asleep again before the request was complete. Other than a bit of residual crankiness, things seem to be ok this morning.

Thankfully, the other two clowns seemed to have slept well.

In Sports, Buddy is doing rather well and his ready to face another day of eating, playing and fitting words together. His best sport seems to be the 'nakey butt streak', second only to his flatulent abilities.

A health update on Princess Punkin-pants. A bit of intestinal disturbance this morning, could be the result of too many Skittles the day before. We'll keep you posted on that story, as details develop.

In other news, questions about dreams and what they really mean surface again as one local woman goes to bed and falls asleep with a strong craving for something sweet, only to dream about eating several pieces of chocolate cake with sugary white frosting and not sharing them with her family.

Traffic brought to you by Poochie-Bells -- Bell train your pooch to ring when he/she needs to go out. Visit www.poochiebells.com for more information today!

Traffic is a little backed up around 31 and Rakow, then again a little further North, but the rest of the way looks clear.

Sun is shining brightly today, looks like it's going to be a good one. 39 right now, feels like 34, high of 47 and a 60% chance of showers later in the day.

This post brought to you by an overactive imagination and Otis Spunkmeyer Wild Blueberry muffins.

This is Circus Kelli, wishing everyone a great day!

And now, back to the music...

Why, yes... my blog is sometimes my own personal playground and opportunity for my own amusement... why do you ask?

Update: There was ONE muffin in the entire vending machine this morning, and it was just the kind I like! I had exact change with me! And I had *just enough* milk in my container from home to have some cocoa! Wooooo! (C'mon LadyBug! Do it with me! Wooooo!)


One of Two as One said...

holy crap, I have GOT to have you to a report like that over the phone sometime. LOL I know this is a day late and a comment short, but I really enjoyed that, CK. Ty, ty :)

Amy said...

Love this report! "her royal fartiness"! hah!

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