Family Tree Sap

The weekends usually mean a fair amount of running around, both inside the house and out. There are always errands to do out and about, and household chores, both inside and out. This past weekend was no exception.

There was laundry to do, dishes to wash, floors to sweep and mop, rooms to straighten. Also on the list was balancing the checkbook, and some computer work to do on some sites for some clients.

I had not been feeling well. We're passing around some bug under the Big Top and I'm on the edges of getting it. Nothing serious, just a head cold. Just enough to make me feel worn out. I hadn't slept well the evening before and I was beat.

Finally, Saturday afternoon, I just stopped. I left the laundry and the dishes and the checkbook and the work and just walked out of the house, and into the garage. I chatted with Hubby for a minute, then walked down the driveway to the sidewalk. The kids were coloring with chalk -- all three of them.

I walked up to them, stopped, sat down on the sidewalk, and began to color with the chalk. It's obvious I don't do that kind of thing often enough because they looked at me and asked what I was doing. I asked them if it was ok if I colored with them and we were out there for a good hour or so -- just coloring shapes and patterns and things on our driveway and sidewalk.

The time came when I had to make something for dinner. Although I still felt kinda cruddy, I laughed when I stood up. Buddy had sat on one of the drawings I did of a sun. A good portion of the sun was stuck on my son's backside, but only before he sat on my lap. Then it was on me. All of us were covered in chalk -- so much so that Hubby brought out the air compressor and blew the chalk dust off of us before we went in for dinner. (We laughed that I was a dusty old broad)

Sunday morning, there was still work to be done, groceries to get, blah blah blah. Instead, the kids and I went to the park after breakfast and stayed there for about an hour and a half. We ate lunch when we came home, watched two movies and just chilled for a while. I went back to folding laundry, and we all hung out together for most of the day.

It was good.

Punkin created this story, based on a little song my Grandpa used to sing to me. The song goes "A peanut lay on a railroad track, it's heart was all a-flutter. Along came Engine Number Nine -- Toot! Toot! Peanut butter..."

Some pictures that K took of Buddy and Sweet Pea this morning...


Awww... they wuv each other...

Tippy-toeing through them

Sometime this weekend, Sweet Pea started telling ME a bedtime story. Do you remember the one I told her? "There was once a little Princess named Sweet Pea. She wore glasses made of gold..." Well, she was telling me about Chicken Little. "One-a-time, there was a little chicken. He was a little chicken with big eyes and glasses made of green..."

At one point this weekend, Sweet Pea and I were walking holding hands when she said "I love you, Mommy."

And they all lived "happy ebber affer..."


Anonymous said...

That is awesome stuff. The sidewalk chalk, Making the time... The look from the kids is priceless. My kids do the same thing.

Williams Brother

Amy said...

I love "Once-a-time".

Circus Kelli said...

Amy -- Me too. :)

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