Flashback Footloose Friday

I was looking for a prom photo to send to Lushy's last night. She is doing a whole "vote on the worst prom picture" thing! I think I"m going to win, so there's no need to enter your picture -- you know, unless you want to. Anyway, when I was looking at photos, I happened upon a bunch of other pictures and I felt I must share with the internet... prepare yourself. Some of this isn't pretty...

Here is a picture of Dit (my sis) and I from Easter, 1973. Aren't we just the cutest things?

Here is a picture of Dit and I about 13-14 years later. Obviously, the cute has worn off.

This was taken before our flight down to visit Grandma in Florida. The smiley face is covering Dit's face because she is sort of making a face in this picture, and if I posted the photo unedited, she might kill me. (But if I find out she never reads this blog, I'll post it in it's original form!)

The rest of these pictures were taken around 1985-1986. That's 20 years ago. *ack*

Awww, Junior Prom...

Ha! This picture makes me laugh for SO many reasons! The Princess Diana haircut, natural tan, the high school class ring... and for you youngsters out there, that piece of office equipment on the desk in front of me is a TYPEWRITER.

The Turnabout Dance, 1986 -- I seriously don't remember looking so PALE.

Senior Prom, 1986
A pic with the limo (only for the ride there, Mom picked us up after the dance), and a close up so you can see how truly... eh, well, you can see the Prom frippery better.

And, lastly, something to take your mind off the hideous Senior Prom photos...

FLAMES! They may be tiny flames, but hey! My van has FLAMES! Thank you Easter Bunny! (And thank you K for taking the picture for me!)



Lushy said...

I, too, had a Princess Diana haircut, but I feathered the sides of my hair. It was wrong. Just plain wrong.

Those flames are bad-ass. Very nice!

Random and Odd said...

Oh dear god...thank you. I needed that laugh!!

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