Friday Friday Friday

Wooo! Only one more day of the theminar! I'm very much looking forward to going home tonight -- it's been a hectic week and I won't mind putting it behind me.

I've left at the same time all three mornings, and arrived here at different times every day. Yesterday, it took me an hour and a half to get here. Today, 45 minutes. It's crazy, this commuting thing.

Although, I must say, the little "business center" they have and the unlimited supply of Coca-Cola are definite perks. (yeah, cutting back on caffeine, blah blah blah... after today, I will again, *really*! It's FINANCE people! And the instructor doesn't like people to thnore in her clath...)

We're supposed to have some sort of competition here today with our two 'teams'... I hope it's not arm-wrestling... or 100-yard dash. I never did very well at either of those two things.

Ok, gotta run... you all have a great day! I'll catch you later!


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Oh man, I hate those competition things. Eeek.

Effie said...

maybe it's hurdles! Those were fun!

Doug said...

Thuppose it ith a thpitting conteth ?

Susie said...

'Member me? I still suck, and I still love you. Happy Mother's Day. (Um, the sucking refers to the um, long absence, incommunicado thing. That is all.)

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Happy Mother'th Day!

Amy said...

Happy Motherth day, darling Circuth Kelli! MWAH!!

sheryl said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kelli :)
Hope today was joyful and peaceful.

eclectic said...

Stopping by to wish my Mother's Day greetings to you, as well! Hope you got to enjoy all the little clowns!!

Doug said...

Of course Sis, hope your Mother's day was the happiest ever.

Heather enjoyed hers, the Denver children gathered here and the Oregon daughter talked with her mom and brother and sister. I enjoyed her pleasure.

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