The fun in....

Mom called this morning.

Actually, for some reason, she called Hubby's cell phone, rather than my work number.

Hubby called me with the number that appeared on his missed calls list, and I recognized it right away.

After that, I made a mistake. I called Mom to see what she wanted. I'm already tired and slow-moving. After the call though, I'm completely exhausted.

In a matter of minutes, Mom gave me the scoop on:
  • An upcoming divorce in the family

  • My grandparents health status (never good)

  • Mom is going to be stuck with my Aunt (after her husband divorces her)

  • Mom is going to be stuck with her Mom (after my grandfather dies)

  • Where my second cousin and her husband live -- close to Hubby and I

  • The fact that my other second cousin looks OLD

  • Mom's counsin's husband has Alzheimers

  • Dit and Mom are going to Vegas next week (I knew that)

  • Dit bought tickets to the premiere of the new Pirates of the Caribean movie, in Los Angeles and a night over in Catalina.

  • You've been spared the details. Consider yourself lucky.

    Do you get drama from your Momma? Surely, I'm not the only one...


    lawbrat said...

    OMG more than I ever want. From my sisters also. It might be a bit different though. Contact had to cease for a bit- its too much.

    Hope your day improves and brings energy with it.

    eclectic said...

    Yikes! See? This is exactly why I want to raise my daughter differently, why I want to be different. Because I know WAYYYY too many women, myself included, who really struggle in the relationship with their moms. Is it just a generational thing? Is it avoidable? The whole "could she BE any less relevant to my life" thing just seems like something I really, REALLY want to avoid in relating to my own daughter. But HOW??

    Doug said...

    How can I say it without seeming crass ?

    Seems to me that a lot of Moms fail to realize that there are some folks who are part of the parents life that the offspring are truly not really interested in hearing about.

    Amy said...

    Oh my word. Like you wouldn't BELIEVE!!! Gah!!!

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