Oh, thank goodness the weekend is almost upon us. Even with having yesterday off of work, this seems like a very long week.

I went shopping yesterday, found a LOT of really great outfits, and even bought some of them. And that's good, I don't think I'll be allowed into any more "Women's Apparel" stores for a good long time. Just lemme say this. Kohl's Scmohl's. I'm in love with Coldwater Creek now. Yesterday was a very good day.

** Update: Overheard while in the dressing room at Coldwater Creek yesterday:
"My stomach is a little swollen today."

Heh, yeah. So's my ass.

Today will be a good day, too. Just as soon as my bones stop aching, and this "benedryl hangover" blows over, I'll be golden.

Lots of water and more walking around on the agenda for today. HelloKittn and I are each losing 10 lbs by July 1. She's got a better start than I do. I don't do well on diets, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

Happy Friday everyone!


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*drools at the words "long weekend"*

Effie said...

Long weekend for you guys this weekend? FUn stuff!

And good luck to your dropping of 10 lbs! You can do it!

I'm at work today (went home at about 9:30 am yesterday and slept the day away!)

Doug said...

We don't have any work we can get away from, but are going up on Look Out Mountain to our granddaughter's house for a meal and heavy visiting.
Its cooler up there, as well.
Hope your long weekend is of the best and the littles enjoy it greatly.

eclectic said...

Long = good, unless it's referring to the interminable district-wide arts and music festival last night, which went looooooonnnnnnggggggggggg. But weekends? Yeah, long = very, very good!!!

Cat said...

Hey. Nothing at Coldwater Creek can compare with The Pants. YOU know the ones! I'm just sayin'.

Dang Cold.. said...

well we had ours last weekend so good on ya for having a nice long weekend yourself :). Have a blast lady. 10 pounds by July 1? I think you can do it.


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