Hours Into Monday


C'mon Mom... just five more minutes... I don' wanna go to school...

Heh, I'm wiped out this morning, folks. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it seems to be going around. There are a handful of folks (that I've encountered so far) who look like their sleepwalking as well.

At least I *look* good today. Jacket, skirt, nylons and even heels today folks. What was I thinking? Oh wait, that's another blog...

I'm *trying* to get the ol' engine moving this morning, (and readjust the ol' motivation and happy little camper worker bee attitdue) though... Think I may have to get some cocoa.

How are YOU doin today? Anything fun going on in your world today?


Nilbo said...

It's the Victoria Day Long Weekend here - our equivalent of Memorial Day, without the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels on a speedway - and today is a day of relaxation. So I spending it stacking some of the 9 cords of firewood that was delivered.

Fun, fun, fun Till my daddy takes the Tbird away.

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo -- You all sure relax differently up North dare... ;)

Doug said...

Coming to the Circus a bit late Kel.

Looks as if you suffered a bit of MGIMA Syndrome.

(My Gosh It's Monday Again)

Sure cure is tough it out for 24 hours.

Recurs once a week, some weeks worse than others, depending on Saturday and Sundays nefarious activities.

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