The Littlest Clown

Last night, I was getting dinner ready and talking to Hubby. The two girls were in the other room. Punkin was reading out loud, Sweet Pea was playing (out loud) with some toys. Buddy apparently had the need -- the need for speed.

As the playing and talking and reading and dinner making was going on, Buddy ran in circles from the kitchen to the foyer to the living room to the dining room to the kitchen. He was grinning the whole time while nearly shouting "Go Mom! Go Mom! Go Mom! Go Mom!"

We have some goofy kids.

They sure can make you smile, though...


Effie said...

:grin: from ear to ear!

Such sweeties you have!

Happy Wednesday Girl!

Chocolate K said...

*Smile* It must be in the water, cause Rolo was doing the same thing that Buddy was doing....ALTHO we were at Ruby Tuesday's.....NOT GOOD......funny they are....kids =-)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

MY boy was doing the SAME thing! Oh wait, he was running bases at the ball game, guess that doesn't count.

Cat said...

Aaawww (and I mean this)... CUTE!

Go, CK, GO!

WILLIAM said...


Dang Cold.. said...

I was doing the same thing at the office today. They sent me home early. :)

hellokittn said...

Those ittles are so cotton pickin cute. Thank you again for the sunshie shots earlier! I don't think I expressed enough how much I really needed a smile right then. Seriously, thank you!

Hey Bloggy, I made it to third base today, does that count as a verifiable "me too me too"?

Circus Kelli said...

Effie -- Happy THURSDAY!

Chocolate K -- Whatever it is, I think it's contagious. :)

Mr. B -- It only counts if he was chanting "Go Mom! Go Mom! Go Mom!"

Cat -- Go Cat! Go Cat!

William -- Hello William.

Dang -- Hmmm. I'll have to try that.

Kittn -- Wonderful! I'm glad they made you smile.

eclectic said...

I'm so mean, I'd have sent mine right outside to run, but then I would have opened the kitchen window so he could still cheer me on. I'm narcissistic like that.

Effie said...

Go Kelli! Go Kelli! Go Kelli!

Too! Much! Sugar!

Did he sleep well that night?

Odd Mix said...

Sounds like fun! Loud... but fun.

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic -- You're not mean! If he hadn't stopped, I probably would have shuffled him outside. :)


Odd Mix -- You have kids. It's always loud. :)

Amy said...

If they didn't make you smile once in a while (or like, almost everyday) I don't know what would happen to them!

Go MOm! I love it!

Circus Kelli said...

Amy -- Amen. :)

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