Mommyland Day 2

I'm at home with the kids this morning, but I'll be in the office this afternoon.

I could very much get used to sleeping until 7am every day, I'll tell you what.

We're eating breakfast right now, and in a little bit, we'll take Punkin to school. Later today, I'll take the littles to Sweet Pea's preschool -- she's going to go there in the fall.

How are all of you doing today? What's new?

Gotta run, I'll be back later...


Doug said...

The best of both worlds it would seem.

Hope your day goes well Sis.

Effie said...

sounds like fun (except for going back into work)

Drinkin' chocolate milk here--it's a sunny day!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Down with work!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug -- It would seem. :)

Effie -- You got that right, girlie. I had a glass of chocolate milk in your honor.

Mr. B. -- AMEN!

hellokittn said...

Up with play!

Trying to start a "hell no we won't go" chant.

Sounds like a great day there CK! Have a great weekend cutie!!!!!!

eclectic said...

Hey, by now you're probably almost done with work for the whole week!!! Yay! Snuggle those little clowns for me, if you can get them to hold still long enough... ! Have a wonderful time with your family this weekend, CK!!

Amy said...

Sweet Pea must be excited! Preschool!

I would tell you what I was up to today but it sounds so much like the other day I commented about that I don't want to bore ya.

The DIFFERENCE, however, is that it's Friday! And that can never be boring.

Circus Kelli said...

Amy -- I'm pretty sure the one thing your life never is, is boring. :)

Eclectic, KittyChia -- You have a great weekend, too!

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