Monday kinda Tuesday

Happy first day after a long weekend away from the working world.

Happy first day of the last week of school for a lot of kids.

She's mighty mighty
Lettin it all hang out

Shake it down
Shake it down
Shake it down now

Shake it down
Shake it down
Shake it down now

Hey, how YOU doin?


LadyBug said...

Miss Attitude was singing on the way to school this morning (to the tune of "A Tisket, A Tasket"):

The day after tomorrow
Is the last day of school

Happy Day to you, CK.

Effie said...

The last week of school is EARLY in the States for kids, eh?! In Canada--they go to almost the end of June!

Happy Chocolate Monday-like-Tuesday to you CK!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Who got da funk?

My boy was out LAST week, you're all behind! :P

August95 said...

Effie's right, you guys get out of school way earlier than us. I am sure if our government finds a way to tax us for it, that will change HA!

Hope you have a happy sunny day.

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug -- That's terrific! Punkin was all concerned that this year's "Olympic Day" would be rained out.

Effie -- Yeah, the kids down here got it easy... ;)

Mr. B -- I'd like to leave my behind outta this, thankyouverymuch.

August -- And a happy sunny day to you, too!

Annejelynn said...

thanks for the congrats~

Dang Cold.. said...

The end of June and the start of summer vacation was like crossing heavens gate when I was a wee one. Damn I should have been a school teacher. What was sweeter was the 4 months I would have off for the summer when I was in university. Oh sweet siesta.

Back to the 9 to 5 grind..(sob)


Anonymous said...

36- 24 -36.

Williams Brother

Circus Kelli said...

Annejelynn -- You're welcome!

Dang -- No kidding, huh?

Williams Bro -- what is that? A combination to a lock?

Closet Metro said...

that'd be one of the combinations to my lock. (There are many.)

Circus Kelli said...

CM -- I believe I had a lock with a similar combination to my school locker in junior high.

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