I love my eight year old. She's a great speller, and can now conspire with us adults in spelling things out, rather than actually saying the word so the littles don't catch on. (The first word she ever caught on to the spelling of was P-I-Z-Z-A.)

Yesterday, on the way home from school, I was treated to this conversation:

Punkin: "Mom, I'm not trying to tell on my friend or anything, but she got sent to the principal's office yesterday."

Me: "What did she do?"

Punkin: "She said a swear word, and someone heard her and told on her."

Me: (me, not thinking) "A swear word? What one did she say?"

Punkin: "She said F-U-K-E."


Anonymous said...

I almost P-U-K-E-D my coffee through my nose. I love when a child thinks they are 3/4 right.

Williams Brother

Effie said...

Oh that Punkin! At least she knew better than to SAY the word, right??!!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

They pick it all up don't they? Smart ones they are.

LadyBug said...


When The Drama Queen was in kindergarten, she came home telling me a friend had said a bad word at school.

I said, "What did she say?" (Thinking This is kindergarten. How bad could it be?)

"Oh, it was baaaad, Mom. She said the S-H word."

Now I'm panicking, thinking, No WAY. This is freaking KINDERGARTEN. Oh no she di'in't!.

"[Drama Queen], what did [friend] say?"

::whispering:: "Mom, [friend] said shutup."

I tried not to let her hear the relief and amusement in my voice as I said, "Oh. That IS really bad."

Doug said...

Reminds me of the time our oldest daughter came out with, "Ya know where cousins come from ?"

First grade I think she was.

Her answer horrified the church people who were visiting us that afternoon.

Chocolate K said...

my daughter (krackel) suprised me...she was going potty and i walked passed and said "Wow girl your stinking up the place" YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAID..............well i'll tell ya..."well then plug your damn nose" WHAT THE????? I opened the door, and she was covering her mouth and she said "IM SOOOO SORRY MOM" hey at least she new it was bad.....

eclectic said...

That's what's wrong with America today... all this fuke-ing! Punkin's crackin' me up!!

R*belle said...

Ha! From the mouths of babes. Did you correct the spelling?

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