Thank you so much for all the happy Mother's Day wishes! That was so sweet... and a special thank you to "Sweet Pea, Buddy and Punkin" for the email Mother's Day card I received from careerbuilder! That was great!

I'm back in the office this morning, and wading through three days worth of emails and voice mails. Even though I checked in frequently, the emails and voice mails still piled up somehow. There are a few projects waiting for me to get started on them, too.

The weekend was good -- got some stuff done around the house, went out for dinner yesterday, and laughed A LOT. It felt very good. (Saturday, for some reason was a "pint of Ben and Jerry's and early to bed for Kel" day -- thankfully, Sunday was MUCH better.)

How are you all doing today? What's new? I'm so out of touch with the blog world... I've missed you! So, fill me in... I need the scoop. What's goin on? What's the haps?


August95 said...

Good Morning Kelli. Must be nice to be back in the offith and out of the clath.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Chocolate K said...

What's new....hmmm im outta chocolate....=-(
glad your day was good yesterday!
hope the week goes just as well!!!!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Oooooooouch. The pain in the neck has a pain in the neck. *pout pout*

Doug said...

Sunday was gathering of the Denver family at our house. Heather glowed with our kids around and talked at length with our Oregon daughter. The phone was later passed hand to hand so we all got to visit with her.

Our Sunday was fantastic.

Glad to hear that you had a nice Mother's Day, Sis.

eclectic said...

Laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. That's what's up over here today. That's what I get for such a fantastic weekend camping, I guess. *sigh* Even the stuff we didn't wear smells like campfire and has to be laundered. But at least I don't have to use a washboard, right?! So I'll just be grateful for that! Have a great day, Kelli!

Circus Kelli said...

Augutht -- Yeth, it ith nithe to be back in the offith. Hectic, but nithe. ;)

K -- I have all thorts -- er, sorts -- of chocolate within walking distance here. AND a Caramello bar... Mmmm....

Mr. B -- Shot through the heart and you're to blame, you give love a bad name...

Doug -- Sounds lovely, Doug.

Eclectic -- I'd take loads of laundry over this work thing any day. :)

Amy said...

Happy Monday, Kelli!

I am putting up my comedy set on our fam website tonight, well, hubby is anyways.

I did laundry today! Watched my friends kid for the morning. Made hamburgs and homemade fries for dinner. Started a book called, "Wild Dogs". Caught up on some blogs. Tidied up a bit (a very bit). Took some pictures of Lucy in green chinese pajamas just because she looked like a red haired geisha girl. And that's about it. Now I am going to get middle kid out of the bath, littlest hobo into the bath, and listen to biggest kid tell me about the human body because he is studying for a test. Then I am going to watch 24!

Sorry didn't mean to give you an hour by hour account of existence just there. Got on a roll!

hellokittn said...


I'm glad you had yourself what sounds to be quite the relaxing weekend!

Circus Kelli said...

Amy -- Wow! You've been (and are!) a busy lady! Thank you for stopping by!

HelloKitten -- it was as relaxing as I ever get, and it was good.

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