Talk amongst yourselves...

There are some days where

I don't want to get out of bed
I feel a bit on the cranky side when I do get out of bed
None of my clothes fit right
The clothes that do fit make me look dumpy
I feel like I'm such a dork/dipwad/idiot no one wants to be around me
I don't really want to be around other people because I'm sure I'm a dork/dipwad/idiot
Channel- or blog-surfing sounds like a fantastic way to spend the day
Even if I had the chance to do that all day, I would be irritated that I didn't have somewhere more exciting to go
I silently curse every single one of the 9,365 slow drivers in front of me
I hate being in my own skin
I want a makeover, but would feel 'fake' if I got one

And the really good thing about all of that is this:

I know all of that will go away sooner or later.


Doug said...

Ah Sis, the thing I don't like about days like this that they come around all too often.

But, eat beans, toot and grin, there is fun in the sun . . . .

Effie said...

doug made me LOL!!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug -- Ha, I'll try to take that advice, and NOT think about these days returning. :)

Effie -- Doug's like that. He's a rascal. :)

Chocolate K said...

I try not to think about them days returning....but im with you Kel!!! I really hope they don't return again for a LONG time, for both of us!!!!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I vote for the sooner, had too many of them thar days recently.

hellokittn said...

Do what I do, just drive three hours away from home to hang out and get a hotel room just to wax your nether regions. Perk ya right up :D.

Or have some ice cream :D.

Cheer up sunshine - Let me know if there is anyone I can drive down and beat up :-*

eclectic said...

Chia, you're a girl after my own heart, I tell ya! CK, I know those days and nothing anyone says makes them any less suffocating. Yet please know that you are loved, in all your perceived dorkiness/dipwadishness/dumpiness, and NONE of us sees you that way. Not one. Not even your brother! And really, if anyone's going to accuse you of being dorky, dipwaddy, or dumpy, wouldn't it be just like a brother?!

Circus Kelli said...

K, Bloggy -- Ditto here.

Chia -- I totally made brownies with heaps of frosting and ate a big slab of 'em last night! :)

Eclectic -- Hee! Thanks! Uh, I didn't say I was dumpy... I said I was an idiot. I'm not dumpy, am I? *boo boo lip*

LadyBug said...

Mm-hmm. Yep. Me too. It's called PMS. I'm right there with ya, girl.

Circus Kelli said...

Ladybug -- Grab your chocolate malt and we'll 'cheers'. :)

eclectic said...

Did too say dumpy... said it right there about the clothes that fit. Did too, did too. Now put your boo-boo lip away before you trip over it. If you want to show us your boo-bee, I'm sure we could take another vote.

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