Tho, thith morning, I drove down to a location near O'Hare Airport in order to attend a theminar on Finanth for Non-Finanthial Executiveth. I wath a little unhappy about it, but it wath only for a day, tho, no big deal.

A few minuteth after clath tharted, I learned it wath a three-day theminar! I would have to travel an hour back and forth to thith theminar for THREE DAYTH! I didn't plan on being out of the offith for three dayth, tho, I called the boss and let him know -- part of me hoping he would call me back to the offith and instruct me to attend the theminar at another time. That wath not to be. Boss told me it wath ok with him, ath long ath I checked in to the offith frequently. Bummer.

I wath pretty irritated at my own thupidity for forgetting it wath a three-day theminar (I registered for thith theminar back in Theptember, and promptly almost forgot all about it, to be honetht.)

During the morning session, I realized I wath thitting next to Diane Keaton'th twin. Theriouthly, thith woman looked like she could be Diane Keaton'th thtunt double or thomething. It wath uncanny.

There ith a woman who remindth me of an online friend of mine, and one lone token man among the eight of uth women-folk.

I altho realized, the instructor lookth like a fourth-grade teacher I knew, Mrs. Mollenkamp -- exthept her hair looked more like my fifth-grade teacher'th hair. Thith Mrth. Mollenkamp look-alike altho liked to pronounthe "cash" ath "caish".

Anywayth, thomewhere around mid-afternoon, I thopped being cranky about the whole thing and actually felt like I wath learning thomething! (I altho learned that there ARE other people in the world who know LESS about finanthial thtuff than me! Hubby didn't think that wath pothible!)

Oh, one more thing about the clath instructor. She hath a rather peculiar, and highly inconthistant lisp. Thometimes, she pronounceth her 'th's' correctly, and thometimes, she doesn't.

Thufferin thuckatash! Maybe I should start referring to her ath Thylvethter.


Doug said...

My thoughts are that an inconsistent lisper,
Should be limited to a whisper.

onounced words,
Are for the birds !

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Thop it!

Effie said...


that'th great thweetie!

Have fun in the next two dayth of the theminar! Do they feed ya?

LadyBug said...

Thith juth cracked me up. Of courth, I had to read it out loud, just for my amuthment. Thankth for the giggleth, Circuth Kelli.


The thellth theathells at the theathore.
(You gotta love a tounguetwithter with a lithp.)

August95 said...

hehe you crack me up Kelli. I hope you and Dianne Keaton have fun at the seminar lol.

The weekend is almost here... enjoy

eclectic said...

Gaaah! If you have a speech impediment, why would you choose to become a public speaker?! *sigh* I'd probably be the girl in the back of the classroom setting up a pool for how many times per hour she either did or didn't lisp. Hope you learn lots and come back to us soon!!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug -- It makes the theminar more interesting...

Mr B -- Heh.

Effie -- One more day and I'm tho outta here!

LadyBug -- the fact that you read it out loud crackth me right up!

August -- Thanks! Actually, it turns out that the Keaton look-alike is a bit of a b*tch.

Eclectic -- I'd be right there with you! Apparently, either no one else has noticed it, or no one else has the utter lack of manners to mention it... ;)

Kentucky Brat said...

I have cried today.. but this time it came from deep belly laughter... Thank you.

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