Circus goes to town

Once a month, the whole circus piles into the family truckster and all goes to get a haircut. Usually, only three out of five of us get our hair cut during one visit. Tonight, the littles were running about, and I was doing my best to be sure they didn't shuffle the hair products on display too much, nor interfere with the nail business clientele within the same shop.

The trip back home is usually pretty quiet. The clowns are tired from entertaining themselves (and our stylist), and it's around their bedtime by then. The ride to the "hair cut place" is usually pretty chatty. We look for choo-choos, notice all the other drivers, and stop at McDonald's for dinner along the way.

Here are some bits from that ride last night:

Sweet Pea talking about Hubby: "Ooooo! He said a bad word! He said S T O I!" Then, "I'm just kidding!"
(for the record, Hubby had not said any bad words)

Sweet Pea, referring to convertibles, or what Punkin used to call "Broken cars":
"They musta had a crack in the back and the top just fell off. They should put tape on it so it days on dare."

Sweet Pea, (she's a rather chatty little girl) talking about bugs she saw outside at K the sitter's today:
"We daw butterflies and roly polies. They tickle you!"

Buddy placing his order for McDonald's: "Chee-bug-ger" (a new word for him!)

Buddy referring to a passing motorcycle: (points out the window) "GA GA GA GA!" (that's for the sound motorcycles make -- What? Say it fast, you'll hear it)

Sweet Pea after Hubby burped: "That's 'gusting!"

Sweet Pea (yes, again) talking about a man driving a van passed us: "Oh my gosh! That boy put nail polish on his fingers!" (Actually, it was a nasty bruise on his finger nail. It looked (for a moment) like nail polish.)

And Sweet Pea (one more time): "Dares Walgweens!"
Me: "How do you know that's Walgreens, honey?"
Sweet Pea: "'Cause it has gween on it!"


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

And the, as I refer to them, "haircut ladies" roll their eyes as they all stream in..."Oh, good, they ALL made it."


hellokittn said...

LMAO, whatta car load :). So cute!!!!

Candace said...

Christopher used to *love* to wear nailpolish. What's not to like? It's colorful and fun!

Effie said...

teehee--Sweet Pea had lots to say--and so cute "He said S T O I" what a bad word!!!

They looking all cute now and trimmed up?

What did ya get at McDonalds? (drooling a tiny bit)

eclectic said...

Awwwwww... that Sweet Pea cracks me up! But I cannot believe that you all get your hair cut at the same place?! I wouldn't let Mr. Eclectic's barber get anywhere near my hair, mainly, because I'm his barber. (See, I won't cut my own hair, but I'll take on the waxing?! Yeah, that makes sense... GAH!)

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B -- Hee, maybe it's no coinky-dink that the place is nearly deserted when we get there, huh?

Kittn -- You know it!

Candace -- That it is...

Effie -- They sure are! It's hard to say who's cuter -- Sweet Pea, Buddy or Hubby!

Eclectic -- We've been going to the same salon/stylist since before Hubby and I were married. Thank GOODNESS they like kids!

Doug said...

And my friends, that is why it is called Kelli's Circus ! ! !

Three ring it is,
With a ringmaster,
And the faster,
Three Littles.

Susie said...

I loves me some Sweet Pea. And I love your virtual T-shirt collection. What a great idea. I always want to wear to work, the Happy Bunny one, "It's so cute how you think I'm listening."

Your Hope is on my sidebar now. Thank you again, my dear friend and fiance. I love it so much :)

LadyBug said...

I guess I missed this post yesterday. I'm glad I saw it today. TOO cute!

And Go Buddy!, with the Chee-bug-ger!


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