I Feel Pelly

Last night was a late night for me, and because I'm tired today, I'm more susceptible to negative thoughts. "Kel, your belly is sticking out a bit." "Good thing you have at least one pair of comfortable jeans, even if they look a bit old ladyish." I go around with "Man, I'm tired" looping in my head. That just seems to make me more tired.

I went about my business this morning after Hubby left. Just me and the littles (Punkin was at a sleepover). I was all dressed, hair in a ponytail and makeup on. One last glance in the mirror, and then I was off to get the littles ready. They had been playing just outside our bathroom door as I did all of that, and they were still in their jammies. Buddy was sitting on the floor playing, and Sweet Pea was right behind him.

As I turned around, mind still distracted with negative thoughts ("I should have done something different with my hair", and "I'm not sure about this shirt today"), Buddy looked up at me and smiled and said: "Mom pelly." I didn't get it at first, so he repeated it. "Mom pelly." I did what I always do when he says a 'new' word -- I guessed at the meaning. "Mom pelly."

"Do you mean Mommy's pretty?" and he nodded his head twice, as he always does when he means yes*. I said "Yes?" and he replied with his endearing (to us) "Yesh."

After we were all dressed, faces washed, teeth brushed and ready to go, Buddy looked at his sister and said "Sweet Pea pelly." Sweet Pea grinned from ear to ear.

And finally, he said "Me pelly."

I'm still tired, and there are still some tired, low energy, negative thoughts in my head, but now they're starting to be crowded out with "pellier" thoughts.

I thanked Buddy with extra smooshy Mommy kisses all over his little face and a couple of extra squeezes when I dropped him off at the sitter's. He didn't even try to get away.

* He wouldn't say the word "yes" until a couple of months ago, it was always just the two quick head nods. If you blinked, you missed it. Now, however, he'll say "Yesh" if prompted.


LadyBug said...

Oh, CK, I'm almost in tears, that was so incredibly sweet.

I don't know how you could avoid walking around all day with a huge grin on your face, after such a sweet compliment to start your day.

Forget the negative nonsense, darlin', you ARE Pelly! In fact, you're absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Love and hugs, and a Happy Friday to you!

eclectic said...

Awwwwwwww... he's right, you know. His mommy IS pelly!! Velly, velly pelly!! And the weekend will be here before you know it. Hope it's relaxing!

Repressed White Girl said...

Sounds like a great way to start weekend, being called pelly when you feel otherwise. Especially when it's from a child, because children don't lie for the sake of feelings.

Annejelynn said...

In case the "Mom pelly" isn't holding throughout the day (it so should! focus on the "pelly"), you need to find a goooood song, a reallly good song to listen to, tah get ya all fired up! My theme song for today is Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat" - I'm loving it! otherwise? this Friday's draggin' and it'd be draggin' me down, down, down...

Chocolate K said...

Buddy is right...mommy is pelly! And he's been saying ALLLLLLL day long!!!!!!
And I looke dat your blog, and buddy came up and yelled PELLY MOMMY!!!
And rolo looked and buddy said MY PELLY MOMMY

Effie said...

So now the song goes
"I feel PELLY, oh so PELLY, I feel Pelly and Welly and Gay...."

Doug said...

Pelly Kelli,
Is so melly,
Raising a guy that is such,
A handsome felly . . . . .

I am in full agreement with Buddy.

hellokittn said...

LMAO, Why do I suddenly feel like prancing around singing "I feel pelly, I fell pelly..." like Maria on West Side Story?

Those littles are so cute :). Thank you for the smiles :)

Amy said...

LOVED this. I could give that kid a few squishy mommy's blogging friend kisses of me own. Might scare him a bit, though.

August95 said...

You are Pelly inside and out. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and the sun is shining where you are.

hellokittn said...

I hope your Monday shines some pelly rays of happiness your way ;). Will definitely miss our leisure chats :-)!!!!!!!!

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