Jeh-jeh-jeh-Jive Talkin'

Yay! It's FRIDAY! It's been a good week.

It will be a busy day -- the boss will be back in the office -- and the day will go by faster!

Last night, the littles were playing in the tub as I cleaned up Sweet Pea's room* (right next door to the bathroom) when I heard "Mommy! It's drowning!" I came around the corner to see that everyone and everything seemed just fine. "What's drowning, honey?" "The water! It's drowning!" Heh, apparently, the drain wasn't closed all the way, and the water was slowly going down the drain.

Not much to say today, I just wanted to say "HI!" and wish everyone a good day.

Today's t-shirt: This made me laugh.

* and when I start out cleaning one room, I'll have to clean up one or two more by the time I'm done because the littles have been somewhere else in the house playing as I cleaned room number one. Someone tell me why I bother cleaning again?


Odd Mix said...

I love that tee. That is just too funny.

Oh, and I have officially given Blogger the finger. I have imported my entire site to WordPress, comments and all. I will be posting there from now on. It was easy, it was clean, it was free, and best of all... it WORKS!!!!


Effie said...

"the water--it's dwowning!"--Sweet Pea is soooooo sweet!

Dang Cold.. said...

Hilarious T-shirt.

I once saw a total knock out of a girl at the mall with a T shirt that said.

"yes I do but not with you"

Then I wept.


Doug said...

The age old problem. But if ya don't rid up now and then Sis, it gets too deep to walk or wade.

Drowning - draining, sounds close to me. Go Sweet Pea.

Circus Kelli said...

OddMix -- Really? I'll have to check that out. Thanks for letting me know.

Effie -- She was concerned a tub full of water to her chest just wasn't enough water...

Dang -- Hee.

Doug -- Good point.

eclectic said...

Poor little Littles... their mommie drowns their bathtub right in front of their eyes. That's just plain mean, CK! ;) Ha! Your Littles crack me up! Have a great weekend, Kelli!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Sheesh, did you put up a billion posts while I was in Canada or what?!

Amy said...

Cute shirt. Cuter kidz.
Hope you had a good weekend, CK.

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic -- Yes, I'm the meanest Mom on the planet. Didn't you know that?

Mr. B. -- Yes, Yes I did. And you're to read every single one of them.

Amy -- Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a great weekend, too.

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