Life is Good

Boss is out until Monday, or next Friday if I'm lucky. I had some leftovers for lunch (good ones!) and went tanning today. I have a working internet connection, a list of things to keep me outta trouble, I just kicked off my shoes, I only have three more hours to be here, and I have chocolate standing by.


Chocolate K said...

when there's chocolate standing by....LIFE IS GOOOOOOOD hehehe......oh yeah, that and a little southern and coke......Dude did i say that outloud =-)

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

As long as you don't suddenly get tagged to be the boss in his absence (which always happened to me at my last job), this is a good thing!

And you can have ALLLLLLL my share of the world's chocolate.

Amy said...

CK, I love how you line em all up. All the good things, I mean. I gotta do more of that.

Doug said...

Like Buddy says, Go Mom, Go Mom, Go Mom ! ! ! ! !

eclectic said...

Chocolate's real name is Vitamin C-H, and I'm sure there's a recommended daily requirement. Hope tomorrow's good to you, too!

Dang Cold.. said...

Chocolate = Manna from heaven.

When the cats away the mice (or mouse) will play.


Effie said...

now that sounded like a good day darlin!

Happy Friday to ya!

hellokittn said...

Eww... let's not say anything about tanning ;). Sounds like you had a great Thursday!

Circus Kelli said...

Choco-K; Yes, yes, you DID say that out loud... thank you!

B4E; You're too good to me. Really.

Amy; Hugs!

Doug; Go Doug! Go Doug! Go Doug!

Eclectic; I have a very strong feeling that you're right on this. Thank you!

Dang; Play?! No way! I'm hardly working, er, working hardly, heh...

Effie; It was a good day. So was today!

Kittn; No tanning talk here for a little while. I promise.

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