Miracle Grow

My kids, they're getting bigger.

K measureed how tall they all are the other day.

Buddy (at 2-1/2 years old) is already three feet tall -- he's grown an inch in the last four months.

Sweet Pea (at almost 4 years old) is three feet, four inches tall -- she's grown two inches in the last four months.

And Punkin, our oldest is *cough* four feet, seven inches tall. Seriously. She's only eight years old. I'm only five feet, six inches tall. It's all their father's fault, by the way. He's tall.

My eight year old is less than a foot shorter than I am.

Can I put them in a timeout for growing up so fast?


August95 said...

Yikes Kelli, They are getting big. Stop feeding them so many veggies, it may stunt their growth lol.

Hope you are having a very groovy day HUGS!

WILLIAM said...

Super Nanny says that a time out should be a minute for every year old that a kid is. Maybe you should do a minute for every inch.

Effie said...

ack! THey're monsters, I tell ya! I hear coffee stunts growth....it seemed to work for me!

Happy Thursday!

hellokittn said...

I wish you could wrap them up real tight at night like china-chick-feets and keep them in this precious state forever :). But there is so much happiness to come!!!!

Circus Kelli said...

August -- LOL! Me?! Feeding my kids veggies? HA!

William -- There's an idea!

Effie -- Yikes! There's NO WAY I'm giving Sweet Pea or Buddy coffee. They're already wiggly enough!

Kittn -- How right you are.

eclectic said...

*heh* Haven't you heard that size doesn't matter, CK?! *sheesh* My poor littles don't have a chance, I'm only 5'4 and their dad is a mere 5'8. They'll be little even when they're big. But I am too, and so is Effie, so it can't be all bad, right?!

Amy said...

I live in dread for the day my kids get taller than me. At five-two (barely) the day will come sooooon.

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