My Lunchtime Adventures

Today during lunch, I took the opportunity to get the heck out of the office while the boss was busy on a phone call. A phone call that apparently would not be ending any time soon.

I waited and waited for him to get off the phone so I could relay a piece of information to him, but still he talked business with his boss. I finally had had enough. My lunch hour could wait no longer. My energy level was dropping and I was fading fast. A short intensive bout with fresh air and sunshine and music was needed -- STAT!

I grabbed my purse, got up from my desk, and just left. The boss saw me leave through the foot-wide expanse of glass next to his closed door, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was still on the phone. I was outta here. I was gonna blow this pop stand.

Once outside, I squinted in the bright sunlight and felt the warm, gentle breeze on my face. I got into the flameless Mommyvan and just drove -- out of the parking space, out of the parking lot, out of the corporate park and out onto the wide-open two lane road jam-packed with traffic.

Since I had to take my time getting anywhere, I took deep breaths. I followed the cars, took a left turn, then a right, then a left, then another right and I was at the post office -- for all of about 30 seconds, then I was off again. Slowly winding my way to "the border" for lunch. Sure, I had a salad in my boss' little mini-fridge, but I didn't feel much like eating that today. I opted for a Chicken Quesadilla instead.

I now waited to cross the border again on my way back to work. In front of me was an electric blue pick up truck. Sitting in the turnlane was a fast little zippy car, with a "very cool" character behind the wheel. He had spiked up hair, a little fuzzy beard around his jawline, and the coolest pair of shades on that I've seen in a long time. He wore an air of confidence that young men his age wear -- especially when they're behind cool shades, and driving cool black cars. The look on his face let us know that he thought -- KNEW -- he was cool.

Cool guy sat there (oozing cool confidence) waiting for traffic to clear so he could turn into the parking lot we were exiting.

Did I mention he was cool?

And then, it happened. The driver of the electric blue pickup truck (who probably had about 15 or so years on Cool Guy) in front of me got tired of watching Cool Guy ooze his coolness in the turn lane and he shot out into traffic, and around the back of Cool Guy's little sporty cool car so fast, Cool Guy didn't even know what happened. Apparently, Cool Guy was so busy being cool, he hadn't noticed he could have turned! I laughed out loud! It was funny enough that the big loud pick up truck (with the older driver) just showed up a little sporty job (with the young driver) -- but the completely befuddled look on Cool Guy's face was priceless! It clearly said "What the hell?!" and blew his coolness to pieces.

Proof, once again, that Age and Treachery will triumph over Youth and Skill.


eclectic said...

Ha! Poor little Mr. Cool -- it sucks to have your mojo stolen by an old guy in a truck, I bet. Maybe next time he'll watch the road instead of the mirror, eh? Or, maybe not.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

CK's got a boyfriend, CK's got a boyfriend! CK and Cool Guy sittin' in a tree..

Doug said...

Hey Sis, what's that old one ?
"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull sh _ _ !"

Brilliance he had, but wasn't smart enough to go when he could.
No BS there.

Nilbo said...

I believe that should be "Youth and Enthusiasm" ...

hellokittn said...

What a tool. I was actually hoping that the truck rammed him out of the way. But I'm just violent like that :)

Closet Metro said...

I think I want a blue truck.

Effie said...

So, did your boss EVER get off the phone?

Teehee--cool guy ain't so cool now, is he?! Just slow....in the head...

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - You'd think he might have learned...

Mr. B - Pfft.

Doug - If only you could have seen it. You would have laughed out loud, too!

Nilbo - No, I think you're mistaken -- it's SKILL.

Kittn - Perhaps the pick up truck driver just didn't want to ruin his truck over a little speck like Cool Guy...

CM - Totally.

Effie - Eventually. :)

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