The Present, The Past, The Present and The Future

Friday night, I stayed up later and completed all my Saturday morning chores. For the next couple of months, the little clowns are in swimming lessons every Saturday morning.

The two littlest clowns are in the same swimming class. Sweet Pea (also known as Sea Monkey for her love of all forms of water), LOVED her swimming lessons.

Buddy had to be coaxed a bit to get into the water and splash around, but he did well.

We'll have to adjust the level that Punkin is in a bit. She did well, too.

Towards the end of class, Sweet Pea came over to me to tell me she had to go to the bathroom. This was the third time she had mentioned it (since the class was only a half hour, I was hoping she could wait). The class was wrapping up, so Punkin and Sweet Pea went into the bathroom together. I waited for the end of class with Buddy, then we went into the locker room to find the girls.

As I was walking through the family locker room, I hear my name and turn around to see my friend, Andy. His daughter was there for swimming lessons as well. He dropped his daughter off at her lesson, then came back to talk to me and see the kids. He returned to find a sobbing Sweet Pea and an "energetic" Buddy -- Punkin, thank goodness, was able to listen to direction at that moment and was doing her best to help.

Sweet Pea wanted to go back to the water and play some more, and objected (loudly) to the thought of leaving. It took a while for me to calm her -- in fact, I wasn't entirely successful. As I got Sweet Pea dressed, Andy talked and laughed with Punkin and Buddy. As I got Buddy dressed, Andy was able to calm and charm Sweet Pea. Thanks, Andy!

Saturday afternoon, I filled our two inflatable pools and continued with the water games. Hubby was doing some painting on the outside of the house, and I did everything I could to make sure the kids didn't get in his way. He was working in the front of the house, so I tried to keep them in the back. The kids splashed and played in the water and ran around the back yard and had me cater to their every whim. I really couldn't get any other chores (or naps even!) started because every time I settled in to do something, I would get a 'request' from either the front of the house, or the back.

The weather was beautiful. It was a good day, but a tiring one.

Sunday, my mission was to straighten up the basement. (I meant to do it Saturday...) There were boxes and stacks of things that needed my attention, things we never went through after we moved. Hubby would ask "Where do you want this box?" and I would say "I don't know, just put it in the basement for now." Apparently, I did that A LOT.

There were also bags and bags and boxes of items we are donating that needed to be sorted, and items that are being thrown out that needed to get up to the garage.

Going through box after box was enlightening to say the least. I traveled 20, 25, 30 and even in some cases more than 35 years back in time yesterday afternoon. (No wonder I'm still exhausted!)

I found my baby book, a collection of my baby items, my teen diary (oh Lordy! The angst! The drama! The number of little movie ticket stubs! Do I through that away or let my kids see it?), papers and cards and souveniors from our wedding and our honeymoon, my high school jacket and pictures and pictures and pictures.

The only thing I didn't go through were the boxes and bags we brought back from Grandma's house last year after she passed away. I will have to get to those another time. (and last night I dreamed about Grandma... the only 'thing' I didn't go through yesterday!)

I made some excellent progress -- now, Hubby can get to work again on the playroom for the kids. (Right, honey?!)

Of course, all the work I had done Friday night was shot to hell. Since I had been down in the basement, the kitchen got messier and messier and the laundry pile got bigger and bigger. How does that happen so quickly?!

I'll spend tonight cleaning up the kitchen (again) and folding laundry (again), and tomorrow, I'll wake up to a clean kitchen, and that will be good.

It felt like a typical Monday this morning when I got up, and I'm struggling to turn my mood around. Then I see this -- my horoscope for today:

Heads will turn when you enter any room or cross any street. Your dazzling energy is announcing your arrival, spreading the news that you are here! You're feeling great about your role in the world right now, and you should also have a good feeling about where you are headed. The people in your life are giving you smart feedback, so follow their advice and you will stay in this powerful phase for a longer time. The future is waiting for you.

That made me laugh. I'm not sure if it's just completely wrong, or if that is what I'm aspiring to today.

And as for the "smart feedback"... why do I read that as "smart ass feedback"?

Either way -- the future is waiting for me. *checks hair and smile in mirror* I'd better get to it.

Today is a Brand New Day.


WILLIAM said...

A brand new day? Isn't that the theme for the Herpes drug?

Circus Kelli said...

William -- Really? I thought that was from Chicken Little...

Doug said...

I can understand Sweet Pea's desire to swim more -- she didn't get her swim out because of the needful time out.

It is good to teach kids to swim, I wish more parents would do it.

Oh, do show the old stuff to the kids. Save it in order that Buddy can understand what he is seeing. Stories of your adventures while growing up will make you a more complete person in their eyes and you will be able to speak to them as a "person who has been there -- done that.

And like they say, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life," enjoy it to the utmost.

LadyBug said...

The first two sentences of your horoscope can be summed up thusly:

"Mommy Pelly."

Love and hugs to you, CK.

Annejelynn said...

you said it - today is a new day - as will be, tomorrow!

don't forget: yer awesome!

eclectic said...

Hi Kel! I was here earlier, but got distracted by, oh, I dunno, children maybe? But I wanted to return to weigh in on the memorabilia issue: keep photos. All but the duplicates. Seriously. It's like living history for my daughter who's 12. She'd rather look at those old pictures than go see a movie. Seriously.

hellokittn said...

Mommy is pelly :D. I'm sorry, that was just too cute!

Hope your day turned out awesome! Happy Tuesday!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug -- I just might do that, thanks for the advice.

LadyBug -- Hugs and love to you, too.

Annejelynn -- No, YOU are! :)

Eclectic -- I'll definitely save the pictures...

Kittn -- Happy Tuesday to you, too!

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