I've been tracking down people and places and things all day today

I've been working on adding to documents, adding to intranet sites, and gathering information.

It's been a busily good day.

In five minutes, I get to go home -- Woo! I'll listen to Big and Rich (loudly) on the way home, then pick up the kids and hear the report on how they all did at the sitters today.

Then, it's home for dinner -- I think it will be hamburgers -- and then who knows. Maybe some laundry to do, maybe some relaxing.

Saturday will be cleaning and straightening and laundry and grocery shopping.

Sunday, will be a day of fun -- The kids will be playing with their cousin Emmy, and the Hubby and I will be out galavanting around the state.

Have a terrific weekend everyone!


Doug said...

Aaaah ! Sunday is fun day, so have much of it.

Loll back and enjoy Friday evening so that you can do your Saturday thing tomorrow.

Hugs to the littles.

Amy said...

There is so much to be said for simply getting stuff done and living in your life, CK. Enjoy!

hellokittn said...

Hope your weekend turned out well you sunburned vixen you :-*

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