Really Random Thought Tuesday

This is one of my favorite books our kids have. It's written in a sort of "Dragnetesque" way. It was a gift from their Aunt T, and it's really pretty funny. If you have kids, get it. Even if you don't have kids, get it.

This is the farm.

My partner, Bill, and I were working the barnyard shift.
It was peaceful. Quiet. Then, we got the call.

- - - - -

The past is like a treasure chest hidden away somewhere. It's closed, tucked away, sometimes forgotten completely, you can't do a thing about it. When you stumble across it though, there it is again. It's just been waiting for you to return to it.

- - - - -

Where is the line between just deciding to try new things, and a full blown mid-life crisis?

- - - - -

I had just dropped all the kids off at K's this morning, and they were all busy coloring. I kissed and hugged each one in turn, then left. As I was backing the van out of K's driveway, they all came running out again for another round of kisses and hugs -- this time, while they were 'paying attention'. Apparently, they were so engrossed in what they were doing, they didn't realize I was leaving.

- - - - -

Sorry folks, I got nothin... except rice krispies. I got me some rice krispies right here.

- - - - -

Whaddaya got? Wanna share? Wanna trade?


LadyBug said...

I got nuthin'. But I'm about to trek upstairs for a Dr. Pepper, which I will neither share nor trade, but will guard with my life until I have sucked every last drop of life-giving liquid from the can (which I estimate will be approximately 5 minutes after I open it).

Have a great Tuesday, CK.

Effie said...

i got nothin fun in my lunch and even what i have I really don't want *burp* not feeling so *burp* hot today...

I think when you're overtired it makes the nausea come quicker...

How YOU doin?!

Excuse me....*running from the room*

eclectic said...

Oh, poor Effie darlin'! Bleh! It gets better, it really does.

CK, I got banana bread. I'll gladly give you some, but I've got my own krispies so we don't need to trade. You want it toasted with butter or not?

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...


Doug said...

Sometimes in the dark of night when Heather is abed, I take out memories of things precious, polish them a bit and tenderly put them back to be looked at again at another time in the future.
The past is gone, but in its own way is still with those of us who wish to remember the good things that happened as we became adults, and the better things that came along as we raised our littles.

Your littles (not to be little forever) are priceless and I am sure make you a very happy Momma.

I got some small Three Musketeers, bite size, candies that Heather gave me. Some are Mocha Cappuccino and some French Vanilla. Rather good they are, want some ?

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

When your girls are just a little bit older (maybe Punkin is already old enough?), you must give them "Harriet the Spy" to read. One of my all-time fave books...I still love that book.

And perhaps I am the wrong person to be asking about a mid-life crisis...

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug -- Ooo, a Dr. Pepper you say? I just may have to go get me a Coke...

Effie -- I'm so sorry hon! Take care!

Eclectic -- Ooo, toasted with butter please! Thank you!

Mr. B -- Do I bore you?

Doug -- Oooo, French Vanilla Three Musketeers?! I would love to try that! Thank you!

Bucky -- HI! I'll look for Harriet the Spy for Punkin... thank you!

Circus Kelli said...

Oh, and I discovered something this morning. I really don't like Rice Krispies -- unless their slathered with marshmallow fluff and made into treats.

Doug said...

It's what you put in 'em and on em' that makes Rice Crispies a treat. They are at about the level of Puffed Wheat, methinks.

WILLIAM said...

Are they rice crsipy treats?

Circus Kelli said...

Doug -- Me thinks you're right, Brudder.

William -- I wish they were. Sadly, they were not.

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