My thought for the day:
Man. Reality can be so... VIVID.

This is the email I got from the sitter this morning:
OH MY WORD....your middle child just looked at the floor and said "WHAT THE HELL" yes she is in a time out right now....

God help me. I laughed and laughed... of course, if she said it in front of me, I'd put her in a time out -- THEN go off and laugh.

Not much going on here... just getting stuff done here and there.

Oh! I found the PERFECT shirt for me:

The bosses from work are up at our Summer Sales Meeting.

The sunburn on my face has faded and now we're in 'flake mode' -- well, the skin on my face, too, not just my mind.

Hee! This cracks me up.

Anywhoober -- I just wanted to say Hi.


Have a great day!


eclectic said...

That link is hysterical!! I'm going to have to get some Barry tunes to blast in my car when one of the "hoons" sits at a light next to me with his super woofer all thumping the road. Hilarious!!

Doug said...

Heh, I always did like that daggy stuff, guess I'm not a "hoon" goon.

When a car sits on the street and every dish in every cupboard on the block (both sides of the street) rattle and shake, it makes me wonder just how far that hoon is from the jungle beasts he denies we came from.

'Ray fer Sweet Pea ! ! ! !

MrPhred said...

"Daggy music is one way to make the hoons leave an area..."

Well, I learned something today ;)

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic -- Isn't that great?!

Doug -- That Sweet Pea, ain't she something?

Fred -- So did I... I wonder if that would work on my kids... forget 1, 2, 3 -- I'm breaking out the Barry!

LadyBug said...

You have a great day, too, dear. Love and hugs to you.

Effie said...

I just wanted to say Hi right back!


Naughty naughty little girl...I wonder where she heard such things.... ;)

Hugs Doll!

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