So Very Special

Punkin often surprises me with commentary these days. I'm never sure what she is thinking. This was the conversation on the way to K's today:

Punkin: "You know what I'll hate when I have a baby, Mom?"

Me: "What, honey?"

Punkin: "I'll hate it when they wake up crying in the middle of the night."

Me: "Hee, yeah, that can be a bit a of a drag. I'll tell you what, though -- when you're awake with that baby in the middle of the night, and everyone else is asleep, it's pretty neat. It seems like it's just you and that little baby and no one else in the whole world. That's a very special feeling."

As I talked about that, my mind flashed back to what it was like to hold a "new" little sleepy baby in my arms, and just rock them. Feel their warm little baby weight and smell their little baby smell when the rest of the house was quiet and the rest of the world was dark. My heart smiled as it remembered.

Then, I heard this from the back seat:

Sweet Pea: "Mommy, I just saw dog poop on the sidewalk. Ewwwww."


Cat said...

I love it! You're all, "Aaaw, touching moment!"... then poop.


Seriously. Kids totally rock the hizzouse.

And on a more serious note (for reals... what?! it could happen!), I loved this: "Feel their warm little baby weight and smell their little baby smell when the rest of the house was quiet and the rest of the world was dark."

True dat, my friend. True dat.

LadyBug said...

I almost started crying, at your description. So sweet. I miss that sometimes. Sigh.

Chocolate K said...

Yeah, the thing I love right now, is that I can get that with my neice, BUT i get to give her back ehehhee.....

and the whole poop thing....YOU GO SWEET PEA!

Effie said...

Aaaaw! So sweet...then gross!

My heart smiled when reading this--then it giggled!

Bone Machine said...

Poop happens.

eclectic said...

Funny, Punkin doesn't seem to have the same warm, fuzzy memories of that time together, does she?! The true tragedy of motherhood -- the best moments with your child happen when the child's too young, to sleepy to ever remember. But she'll remember seeing poop on the sidewalk, though.

Circus Kelli said...

Cat -- No kidding, huh?

Ladybug -- So do I, dearie.

K -- yeah, that is kinda cool, that gig you got goin on there...

Effie -- that's the clowns!

Bone -- Yes, yes it does.

Eclectic -- I know... at least Punkin (and Sweet Pea and Buddy) and I will have poop on the sidewalk...

MrPhred said...

Hee hee! Geat story.

hellokittn said...

Just be happy you're not my mom.

Just when she would start having that warm fuzzy moment, I would have already eaten the dog poop on the sidewalk.

I've never really been wrong... but never will be quite right either.

Circus Kelli said...

MrPhred -- Thanks!

Kittn -- We love you anyway. :)

Amy said...

sweetness. you.

Annejelynn said...

mmmmmm.... do you hear that? it's my ovaries screaming! (can you say, "Baby hungry" -???) You can't write posts like this anymore - nope, no more. My ovaries just cannot take it. No more!

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