Sunday Drive

This weekend, Hubby and I took a Sunday drive. To Dubuque, Iowa. On the motorcycle. (while the little clowns played all day with their cousin, Emmy.)

It was a truly lovely day weather-wise. Simply beautiful. Sunny, just warm enough, and very little humidity. Hubby and I went riding with friends of ours who are buying a home in Dubuque. They wanted to show it to us.

The ride to Dubuque is about three hours from where we live. I've discovered my back and butt do well for about 2-1/2 hours on the motorcycle -- that last hour is me thinking "ow ow ow" with every bigger bump in the road. (That never happened 20 years ago. Guess I'm not as young as I used to be, eh?) I'm aware the minor aches and pains are part of the deal when I get on the motorcycle, and I don't mind. I enjoy spending the time with Hubby. Besides, the aches and pains also make getting OFF the motorcycle all that much sweeter.

We had a lovely day... a nice, long ride through some quaint small towns, older cities and farm country with some beautiful weather and good company.

We ate at Breitbach's, saw the house our friends are buying, admired the view of the "most scenic view of the Mississippi River" (see the picture? It doesn't do the view justice), did a bit of gambling (we won $150, thankyouverymuch)and hopped back on the motorcycles for the ride home.

Despite the fun we were having just being ourselves, I began missing the kids in the afternoon, and was glad when we were on our way back home.

This morning, I'm feeling old (aches and pains, remember?) and did my best to pick a professional outfit that didn't require more out of me than I was willing to give. You know, something that looks nice, and only whispers "it was either this or my pajamas today".

Oh, and as a side bonus, my face got a little color yesterday. The new color being dark pink -- but only on my nose, cheeks and forehead. My skin in not so happy with me today. On the up side, my teeth suddenly look WAY whiter.


Doin It said...

wow - that pic?.... the land is so flat! Beaut green, but flat. Where I am (less than 2 hours south of Sydney) it's just as green, but NOT flat! Don't ya love being in the open elements. Hope the red fades..

Circus Kelli said...

Hi there! Thanks for commenting! :)

The picture doesn't so it justice. The countryside is very hilly. And just after that last tiny bit of white off to the right of the picture is the Mississippi River.

It certainly makes you take a moment to take a great big deep breath and let it out slowly.

hellokittn said...

Glad you had a fabulous ride!!!!!

MrPhred said...

Go, Biker Chick! Sounds like a great day.

Nilbo said...

While I am, for the record, officially opposed to anyone I know and love being involved in any way, even tangentially, with motorcycles (which is our house have always been called "donorcycles" and are the only thing our children have always been and will always be strictly forbidden to ride), I am gracious enough, after the fact, and now that you are home safely, to say "I'm glad you had a lovely day. Now, no more of that, young lady."

Circus Kelli said...

kittn -- me too!

mrphred -- it was!

nilbo -- 'blah blah blah blah blah young lady' is what I heard...

Vajana said...

oh come on now, Illinois is flat as a pancake. Or was that Iowa?

Glad you had a great day. We all need those once in awhile.

WILLIAM said...

150 bucks? What did you play? SOunds like a great time.

Doug said...

I had a small Indian motorcycle when we lived in the Moline, Illinois area. I have many fond memories of summertime cycle riding.

Yeah, Sis, even riding in our car for very long does the back/butt job on me now.

Makes me remember Heather when our kids were little. We got an evening away very seldom, but she would be calling and checking on the kids.

The world from a motorcycle is a fabulous thing, wish I could be on one now.

Anonymous said...

that sounds loverly--and your teeth are so white they're blinding me! teehee!

Happy Chocolate Tuesday doll! Have a brownie--Mr. B can't have any....

Effie said...

arrrg--that was me that said the last comment--blogger didn't like me apparently--me--Effie

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Hi Kelli! :)

I tend to agree with Nilbo about 'cycles, but I will ask: do you each ride your own, or do you perch behind the hubby whilst riding?

And why does that sound dirty when I ask it?

Circus Kelli said...

Bucky -- perched behind the man. :)

Effie -- BROWNIES!

Doug -- Me, too.

Jana -- That was Iowa. :)

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