Who do I want to be today?

Do I want to be tired and grouchy and unfocused and irritable?
Do I want to be Mrs. Crabby Patty?
Do I want to be a big stick in the mud? Cynical and whiney?

If not, then I'd better change my thinking and attitude right this very minute.

Buh, my eyes are sleepy...

Who are you going to be today?


Closet Metro said...

I'm going to be Superman.

(Well, I'll go see the movie, at least.)

Circus Kelli said...

Dave -- you ARE Superman. :) Have fun!

Effie said...

I'm going to be Captain Vegetable!

It is I, Captain Vegetable,
with my CARROT and my CELERY...


Who are YOU gonna be? Hmm? Anyone interesting? How 'bout you be Kelli, 'K? That sounds good!!

Happy Wednesday, Doll!

Doug said...

I gonna be a wannabe, 'bout the only thing not taken by the rest of the world. Or ? ? ? ? ?

eclectic said...

I love that you ask the question!! Can you control the sucky things? Nope. Can you control how you behave? Yup. Who ya gonna be then? Today I'll be that girl who has this great friend named Circus Kelli.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I'm going to be Bored Guy.

That is all.

MrPhred said...

Today, I'm going to be Fast Fingers Freddie, lightening quick programmer of all things programmable.

When I get home, I'm going to be Big Billy Buttslap, amateur porn star.

Soon after, I'll likely be Rip VanWinkle. I'm not as young as I once was, you know.

Doug said...

Hello Mr. Phred, long time no see. Of course you are doing your usual, wearing many hats.
Way to go man !

Circus Kelli said...

Effie -- LOL! I LOVE your comment! Thank you!

Doug -- Take care!

Eclectic -- I love that you stopped by and commented! Thank you!

Mr.B. -- So... just another day for you, then?

Mr.Phred -- That just cracked me up... I love that comment! Thank you!

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