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We've had a couple of really good storms blow through our neighborhood in the past few days. The first, blew through town Monday night, just about the time I

was settling down for bed. I was tired from Sunday, and I just wanted to go to sleep. In fact, I was already in my nightshirt, in bed when the storm whipped up out of nowhere.

Hubby and I lay there listening to the storm and watching the lightning create a strobe effect with our ceiling fan. (It was actually pretty cool.) I was

quite comfy -- and then it hit me. No, not the fan... that nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. Ruh-roh... did I shut the back venty windows on

the flameless Mommyvan? I mean. I think I did. I'm almost sure I did. (cue strong gust of wind and rain battering the windows) But, did I really?

Sometimes I forget. (cue more rain, louder this time)

Gah. *pause*

Now, I just lay there weighing my options.

I hopped out of bed and went to the window. I peered out at the Mommyvan in the driveway. I can see it, but I can't see if the back windows are open or

closed. There is too much rain on the screen to see anything clearly. Great.

Hubby asked me what I was doing and I told him I may have left the back windows open in the van. His response, "Really? You need to check that."

(rolling my eyes)

"Yes. I know. I'm going to do that now. I'll go downstairs and look out those windows to see if I can see better."

Hubby and I both went downstairs, and I looked out the window. "Nupe. Still can't see if they're closed or not."

Hubby says "Hmm." I give him the look. "Guess you'll have to go out there."

What happened to chivalry? I ponderd this while I rifled through the pile of clean laundry for the biggest beach towel we have. I wrapped it around my head

and shoulders, as Hubby opened the door for me. (Oh, there's the chivalry...)

I padded on out onto the front porch, as our light came on so all the neighbors can see me out in the storm in my nightshirt and our biggest beach towel.

I looked at the van. (cue even more wind and rain) "Hmm. Gah. I can't tell."

I squinted to get a better look, and took another barefooted step closer to the van. "Pfft. Still nothin. I'm pretty sure they're closed, though."

(Why didn't I go out the garage you ask? That's a damn good question...)

That's it. I've had enough wind and rain, I turn around and dash inside. Hubby asks, "Well...?"

"well, I think they're closed."

"You THINK they're closed?"

(rolling my eyes again) "Ok ok ok. I'll go back out there and look again. This time, I'll have to go all the way to the van..."

Again, I wrapped my head and shoulders in the beach towel, walked outside, and in my haste promptly shut the front door completely, locking myself out. I

muttered something about how


na-be-sorry under my breath and padded down the front walk and into the grass to check (again!) to see if the windows where shut.

I was getting drenched, and after a couple of blinks, I could tell that yes, indeed, those little back venty windows on the flameless Mommyvan were shut all

the way. Hooray! Now I could go back inside! I turned and dashed back up the walk to the front porch and (lucky for him) the door flew open (after

a brief moment)
and I was back inside, safe and sound and getting drier by the minute. I was glad that was over and we laughed a bit about it. Then, I

realized he was laughing a little too much about it. I eyed him quizically, he laughed more and said "Hon. When I put the sprinkler out on the lawn earlier,

I checked to be sure your van windows were shut..."

"WAAAAHAAAATTTT?! You mean you let me go out there in this weather (TWICE!) when you KNEW the windows were shut?!"

"Yes, well, no, not really. I wasn't 100% sure they were shut! It was good that you checked..." (more laughter)

Luckily for him (again) that I was snickering a bit about it all as well. What's not so fortunate for him is that I won't forget it.

(cue evil laugh)


Momentarily_Distracted said...

Oooh...I predict a payback sequel to this story.

Closet Metro said...

I think he just wanted you to be in your very own wet t-shirt contest.

eclectic said...

I'd so have to kill him for that -- after I laughed myself silly. Ha! I think Clo-Met is right.

lawbrat said...

Men can SO OFTEN find humor at our expense. Lucky they're so cute, or else!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

But now the question is, was there something you REALLY did forget?

Oh, and THANKS for sending those storms this way. Yeah, much appreciate the 1 hour I got cheated on sleep.

Circus Kelli said...

Mo_Dis - Oh, there WILL be a sequel - when the time is right. Patience, grasshopper.

CM - Heh, you may be right.

Eclectic - Hee!

Lawbrat - No kidding!

Mr. B - Just doing what I can to pass on the lack of sleep. Goodness knows I'm tired of it...

Nilbo said...

Revenge is a dish best tasted cold. Or wet.

eclectic said...

Happy Friday, my friend!

Effie said...

he was just LOOKING for trouble, wasn't he?!

Happy Weekend Doll!

Doug said...

You must be nearing quitting time there Sis. Have a super good weekend, just be sure to keep the windows closed that need to be so.

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