Deciding on Colors

Last week, the circus went to Lowe's. Hubby is working on the kid's playroom in the basement, and needed supplies. I took the opportunity to pick up some of those little paint swatches with the four or five different colors on them for whenever we get around to painting our kitchen/family room.

This morning, I taped about six of these paint swatches on the kitchen wall. The swatches are varying shades of red, mulberry, green and tan -- or, more specifically, Roasted Pepper, Burnt Tile, Groundcover, Sandstone, Fiddle Leaf and Briquette.

Hubby raised his eyebrows at the selection taped to the wall, let me know his preference, and then left them there.

The circus went about our Saturday. Hubby was working in the garage, I was folding laundry, the girls were drawing and coloring in the kitchen and Buddy was outside with Hubby.

Hubby and Buddy came into the kitchen for a moment, and Hubby said, "You might want to check Buddy. I smelled something outside, but I wasn't sure if it was him or that "cow poop smell" I smelled earlier today.

Sure enough, I did a quick peek-a-boo check of Buddy's drawers. I must have wrinkled my nose because Hubby asked, "Is it him? Did you see something?"

"Yes... I can't tell if it's more "Boston Fern" or "Grapevine".

I guess we can rule those two colors out.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I used to tell my boy's mudder that "He's created another masterpiece for you." (Of course I ended up changing him the most, but it was still fun to say.)

Nilbo said...

I may not know art, but I know what I like. And any colour you can find in a diaper is not a good colour for a wall. Just sayin ...

Susie said...

I swear, CK, thanks to you, my "cause" has the best artwork :) You crack me up; thank you for giving a rat's ass :)

lawbrat said...

How funny! I just love your clowns.

Amy said...

I love the quick check down the crack to see what's what.

eclectic said...

Gah! I second Nilbo!! HILARIOUS!!

Now, how do I get me a rat's ass blog sticker?!

Circus Kelli said...

Get your Rat's Ass sticker here! Either copy and paste the sticker into your own blog, or just add this code into your blog somewhere:
(replacing the parens with < >)

(img src="http://mycircuslife.com/v-web/b2/images/ratsb.jpg" border="0" alt="" /)

WILLIAM said...

I never got a chance to send the rat's ass to people. I don't have that many bloggers email addresses. Sorry.

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B - Too funny!

Nilbo - LOL! So true!

Susie - Anything for you, darlin.

Lawbrat - Thank you!

Amy - LOL!

Eclectic - I third it!

William - Not a problem! :)

LadyBug said...

Omigosh, CK, that totally cracked me up.

And yeah, I'd certainly rule out any color that reminds me of something that's come out of one of my kids' behinds. Hee.

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