It's not quite 6am as I post this, and I'm all ready for work. The kids aren't quite up yet, but I hear Punkin's alarm going off.

I just wanted to pop in here super quick and say "GOOD MORNING!"

There is no real reason for me to be so awake and so freakin' cheerful, but then again, I guess there is no real reason for me NOT to be.

Time to roust the little clownlets and get them ready for K's so I can get to work and unpack the last remaining crate of files. Wanna know what I'm *really* looking forward to, though? Tonight, Our Erika is coming for dinner! PIZZA!!!

YOU have a really great day!


Effie said...

No, YOU have a great day girl--and having Erika come over for PIZZA dinner is DEFINITELY something to be grinning about!

Hugs to you!

LadyBug said...

Your cheerful disposition made me smile. I've been having a Monday-on-a-Wednesday morning, and I really needed that. Thanks.

Hugs to you, CK.

eclectic said...

Who you callin' "sunshine"?! ;) But can we have sausage on the pizza? Please??

Effie said...

Oooh--can we have olives? Hmmm? and maybe some mushrooms? Yummy!

Doug said...

Olives and Mushroomy-rooms, a bit of onion and sausage with a bit of bell pepper and you have the makings for a great pizza ! ! !

You made my morning Sis.

Circus Kelli said...

Effie - I KNOW! :)

LadyBug - Oh, I'm SO glad, darlin. Hugs right back at you!

Eclectic - Don't you try to pretend you're grumpy over there, I won't believe it...

Effie - I'll be happy to get all of that on a special pizza just for you and baby. :)

Doug - Yay! You make my days, too, Doug. :)

hellokittn said...

What a wonderful feeling... that I'm ready before you are kind of glow :-D. The feeling that you can conquer anything :-D.

*barf* sausage and olives. LOL.

You girls are all so cool, I would have pizza with you all regardless of what was on it!

Bone Machine said...

This cheerful stuff...it's got to stop.

Have a nice day!

Circus Kelli said...

Kittn - Excellent! You buyin?

Bone - Heh. Oh, it'll stop. When I'm damn good and ready.

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