My Pretty Ponies Running Wild

Hi there! How was your weekend? What's new?

Here at the circus, another birthday party has come and gone. The only indication that we had a party at all is the coffee maker still sitting on our kitchen counter, and the five thousand new little "My Pretty Ponies" around the house. (It's a whole HERD of them!)

Sweet Pea's birthday is actually on Wednesday. She's declared she will have a "pony party" AND a "dinosaur party." At the 11th hour on Saturday, she also declared she wanted a pie. Not just any pie, one of those "brown ones" she tried and liked. (French Silk (chocolate), of course) I told her that Grandma was making her a CAKE, not a pie, and that didn't seem to matter. She wanted pie. We began calling Erika's Eclair Cake, "Eclair Pie" in an effort to fool Sweet Pea. It didn't really work -- Wednesday, I will be serving French Silk Pie on paper dinosaur plates.

It all went very well, we have a lot of leftovers (fried chicken or mostaccioli, anyone?) and I didn't forget (heh, "forget") to serve any of the yummy desserts people brought.

And the cake... well, the cake was fabulous. Bio-Mom (soon to be known as "Grandma Cookie" because she is very generous with her wonderful baking achievements!) made the cake. Not just any cake, it was a My Pretty Pony cake.

I shall now attempt to describe it to you. It was a sheet cake (half yellow, half chocolate) "meadow" with flowers and ponies wandering in the field. There was also a "pond" with duckies floating in it. The meadow, folks -- looked like real grass. Really. Look

The grassy meadow, and part of the pond. Do you see the duckie?!

The ponies belonged to A.J. when she was Sweet Pea's age

Bio-Mom joked that we would have "grass clippings" everywhere. Bio-Mom used tweezers to place single "jimmies" (or sprinkles) into the center of the flowers.

TWEEZERS, people. Now THAT'S dedication

One of the coolest things about the cake (I thought) was that when you cut into the chocolate side, with the "grass" on top, it looked like dirt.

The whole meadow full of ponies

Obviously, the woman has issues -- and I'm completely grateful. (hee!)

Speaking of issues -- here's a gratutitous picture of me with the birthday girl (scroll by it quickly)

Today, it was Hubby's turn to go up to Milwaukee for the Indy car/Milwaukee Mile. The kids and I hung out at home today. My anticipated day of rest included straightening up the house from the party, builing a dining room table "fort", playing with playdoh, sweeping up technicolor crumbs, eating a lot of leftovers at mealtimes, taking care of the dishes, sweeping the floor another time or two after meals, vacuuming up the cake that landed on the dining room carpet, watching "The Music Man", and, at one point, actually sitting down and looking through a magazine. It was a pretty good day, though. Nice, restful... no one did anything they didn't want to do. Heh, in fact, the girls didn't get out of their pajamas until around 3:30pm.

So, good party on Saturday, good day on sunday.

As I type this, the kids are outside in the backyard getting crazy, running around, acting like lunatics. I'll have to herd them back into the house in a bit for baths and bedtime.

Life is good.


Nilbo said...

Yes, life is good, particularly set against the alternatives ...

Looks like a fun party ... and a delicious cake ... so, we all get some, right?

Hee! My word verification: pshguy

LadyBug said...

AWESOME CAKE! The grass...did she do that with icing? Or with coconut? It looks terrific, either way.

The party sounds great. How old will Sweet Pea be Wednesday?

"The Music Man"...I love that movie! Did you watch the original, or the new version, with Matthew Broderick?

Hmm...looks like I'm just full of questions on this Monday morning. Hope you got a good night's rest last night, and are ready to face whatever challenges this new week has to offer. Love and hugs to you, dear.

P.S. I'm glad you included a photo of yourself. It makes me smile to see your sweet face. :)

::whistling "Seventy-Six Trombones"...::

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - Alternatives: Dit made something called "Death By Chocolate" for the party. When she told me that, I asked her to tell me more about because I was "feeling suicidal". :)

LadyBug - Yes, Bio-Mom made the grass with icing. Homemade icing.

Sweet Pea will be 4 years old on Wednesday.

The Music Man was the older version with Shirley Jones and Robert Preston(?)

"76 trombones led the big parade
with 110 coronets close behind..."

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I want pie too, darn it!

Effie said...

aw, darn it! My comment didn't post!

I remember "My Little Ponies" from when I was little!

How much food colouring was needed for such green icing??!! Wow! That would have been so neat to eat grass with dirt under it...even cooler if it was a layer cake with gummy worms in the layers--haha

My sister recently made a "red velvet cake" and the recipe called for 2 bottles of red food colouring--she only used one and it was still blood red!

eclectic said...

I couldn't comment either, dangit! But LOOK! It's my friend, Kelli!! YAY! Oh, and my cousin is a professional cake decorator (living way too far away to make any of my kids' cakes, dangit again...), but she'd be proud to call that cake one of her own I bet! That's spectacular!! Way to go, Bio-Mom!

Anonymous said...

Super cool cake.

Nilbo said...


Susie said...

That is a fine, fine cake. My girl had cake at one party and a pie at the family party this year, too. Bob Evans' oreo pie. I can't believe that little smunchkin is 4. Slow her down, Kelli :(
Oh, and don't mention to Bucky about the Play-Doh. She'll build a . . . um special kind of house with it.
(I'll write you tomorrow :)

WILLIAM said...

I never knew what you looked like. Very cool.

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B - Me too!

Effie - I don't know. Bio-Mom is the master of cakes, though!

Anonymous - Yes, it was a super cool cake! Do I know you? ;)

Eclectic - Blogger was acting up a bit yesterday. Oh! But look! YAY! It's YOU! :)

Susie - It was an awesome cake. I bought a frozen chocolate cream pie for Her Royal Tiny Fartiness for tomorrow. They do grow too fast! (And, yeah, I can't think of playdoh without thinking of Jess and Bucky anymore...)

William - Thanks. :)

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