Mystery Word of the Day

This morning, Hubby and I were getting ready to go to work. He leaves for work far earlier than I do. This morning, the two littles were not awake yet. (Sweet Pea usually greets the early weekday mornings with whimpers and whining about how tired she is. We tell her to go back to bed, but she never does. She doesn't want to miss saying goodbye to Daddy.) As I kissed Hubby goodbye, he said "This is how I like to leave in the morning. It's all quiet and there's no "still tired whining"." I agreed with him, to which he replied "Well, you'd better go now, then, they'll be up any minute." (Hee!)

Moments later, we heard Buddy waving and saying goodbye to Daddy through his bedroom window. (Yikes! They were awake and I didn't have to make my get-away!) It wasn't long after that when Sweet Pea appeared, too.

Things were going well this morning, and before it was even 5:45am, Buddy and I were dressed. Sweet Pea was on her way to getting ready as well when I made her a deal she couldn't refuse. "Honey, if you are all ready to go -- all dressed and your teeth and hair brushed, too -- we can watch a little bit of television before we leave for K's today.

Unless we're staying home, I never let them watch television in the mornings. It's just too hard to get them ready to leave if they're spacing out to Dora. Sweet Pea wanted me to sit with her on the couch for a bit, and as I did so, Buddy began to get agitated. "Bon, Mom...BON"

Me: "Bon?"

Buddy, standing/whining/hanging by my knees now: "Bon, Mom...BON"

Me: "Bon?"

Buddy: "Booonnnnn"

This went on for a few minutes.

Me: "Box?"

Buddy: "Bon"

Me: "I'm sorry, hon. I don't understand... Ball?"

Buddy: "Bon"

Me: "Bowl?"

Buddy: "Bon"

Me: "Shake Your Bon-Bon?"

Buddy: "Bon"

Me: "Book?"

Buddy: "Bon"

Finally, I gave up and said "Show me."

And after that, I followed him out of the family room, through the kitchen, up the stairs into his room, and over to the dresser.

"Bon, Mom", Buddy said, pointing to the top of his dresser. I saw the toy that was in his Happy Meal last night. It is a little notebook, a 'holder', and a pencil.

Buddy: "Bon"

Me: "Pen?!"

Buddy: "Bon, Mom. Yeth."

So, there you have it. Bon is Pen which is really a pencil.


Chocolate K said...

BON MOMMY.......yeth.....too cute!
glad you had a good morning and the little's were awsome for you this morning! hope your day goes the same way!~!!!

LadyBug said...

And see, I'm just sitting here thinking how awesome it is that he was patient with you and didn't whine or scream or throw a tantrum when you didn't understand him. What a sweetie.


Effie said...

Wow--I have a special "bon" that I like to write with--it's purple with a swirly thing as the clip with black ink from my optometrist's office...

Buddy's such a sweetie!

Would that be a Blue's Clues handy dandy notebook??

Nilbo said...

HEE! I remember when my youngest kept asking - wailing - for Baba. Her Aunt Barbara was staying with us and we kept handing her over, but she wouldn't stop. So we figured she didn't WANT Auntie Baba in the room, and THAT didn't make it stop. Finally her older sister gave her a well-gnawed teddy bear. Baba. And all was well.

eclectic said...

*gasp* You sang "Shake your bon-bon" to that precious little innocent Buddy??! *gasp*

I'm with Ladybug -- I can't believe he didn't come unglued a little!! What a doll-baby!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

See, this is where kids should be allowed to curse.

"Bon damn it! BON! What the hell don't you understand about the damn bon!!?? SHIT woman!! BON for chrissakes!!"

Circus Kelli said...

Choco K - Me, too! Thank you!

LadyBug - He was getting a bit wiggly, but yes, he was pretty patient.

Effie - You'd never get that bon back if the kids saw it.

Nilbo - I did at one point turn to Sweet Pea and ask "What is he saying?" Her response "I have no idea what he's saying."

Eclectic - No, I didn't sing "Shake your Bon Bon" to Buddy. We're saving that for his third birthday as a special surprise.

Mr. B - Your comment cracked me up completely! Still does! (I think he would have gotten to that point if it had gone on any longer...)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...


Amy said...

that was too great, CK. bon!

Youre good, though, with the 'show me'. Saves SO much time and frustration.

Closet Metro said...

you need to teach buddy some Soul Coughing.

"Too fat, fat you must cut lean.
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine,
Chump, change, and it's on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon."

Bone Machine said...

Buddy wanted to hear some Bon Scott-era AC/DC to get all fired up for the day.

It makes perfect sense to me.

hellokittn said...

I cannot believe Ricky Martin made a feature appearance on MCLB.

Buddy obviously has way better taste than that ;-).

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