Tick Tock, how slow is the clock?

It's Friday afternoon.

One hour left to go before I can leave.

And all I'm thinking about is the weekend ahead of us.

Saturday morning will be swimming lessons for Sweet Pea. Then, it's home for a bit, then off to my BIL's and SIL's for a lunch get-together to celebrate the boys' birthdays -- My BIL's birthday is Sunday. Hubby's birthday was July 6th. It's a 'combo' thing.

Sunday is the big adventure, though. It will be me, Punkin, Erika, Bio-Mom, and Grandpa Choo-Choo. Erika, Punkin and I will leave around 11 am, have lunch at a sit-down restaurant, then head on over to Bio-Mom's/Grandpa Choo-Choo's. We'll all leave from there and head up to Milwaukee, WI for the concert.

My half-sis, A.J. works on the lighting crew for the tour. She's hooked us up with tix for this concert. We're hoping A.J. will be able to show us around behind the scenes (although, I doubt we'll be able to see Tim and Faith backstage, but MAN, wouldn't that just kick boo-tay?!) and then we'll go have dinner somewhere and come back for the concert itself at 7:30pm.

It will be a long day -- I'm thinking that Monday will be a longer day, though. I can't take Monday off of work, and I have no idea what time we'll get home Sunday night.

Now, while the prospect of seeing (and maybe meeting) Tim and Faith is exciting in it's own right, I'm *very* excited about seeing where A.J. works and getting a behind the scenes look at everything. It's a whole 'way of life' I've never seen.

Plus, this concert will be Punkin's first concert ever, and we'll get to hang with Erika and Bio-Mom and Grandpa Choo-Choo. The concert itself has sort of taken a 'back seat' to everything else. (although, I've heard that it's a good one.)

In and amongst all of this, I need to clean the house, order the food, decorate and do some shopping for Sweet Pea's birthday party on the 22nd.

So. Yeah. You can understand why my mind isn't exactly on work... We'll be a little busy this weekend, and next.

Ok, now, I have to finish up a few things here before I go, stop at the store for a couple of things, pick up the kids, and start getting some of this stuff done...


I'm tired already -- and totally looking forward to Sunday!

P.S. - Should we make signs to hold up during the concert that say "A.J. (my half-sis) ROCKS!"? What do you think? Not as dramatic as face paint for a football game, but it still makes a statement...


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I'll give you a dollar if the sign says, "AJ! Shine some LIGHT on some REAL music!! Come on! Help a sister out!"

Momentarily_Distracted said...

Wow, you have a full plate this weekend!
Have fun! :o)

Cat said...

Heh. Do the signs. The lighting crew never gets any love.

Let's hear about it! Did you meet them? Did you?! Do tell...

hellokittn said...

What a cute idea :-D. Maybe they will put out a DVD and there you will be... sign firmly intact.

Hope you have a lot of fun!!! Can't wait to hear about it!

Doug said...

ONe question Sis, what do you do in/with your spare time ? ? ? ?

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B - Hee! Funny, but no.

M_D - We will! You too!

Cat - I'll tell about it when I have a chance, that's for sure. And, yeah, we're making the signs. :)

Kittn - Wooo!

Doug - My spare time is reserved for eating and sleeping

eclectic said...

Well, AJ obviously does rock, so why wouldn't you make the signs?! I do wish that you would get outta the house and do something with your life once in awhile. I mean, couldn't you just come up with even ONE thing to do this weekend?! *sheesh*

Have fun!!! And tell us e v e r y t h i n g!!!

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