What I did on my four-day July 4th holiday vacation

As promised, here are pictures of some of what we accomplished with our days off last weekend.

Pics of the kid's bathroom are up over here.

Now, before you go look at the pictures, I will tell you this. I painted that bathroom BLUE. The same color BLUE as Buddy's Room. Exactly. It came from the same can of paint, and when you look at the bathroom in real life, it's undeniably BLUE.

Hubby and I also hung the princess netting in the girl's rooms -- I believe the squeals of delight from the girls were heard all the way down the block. I know it certainly rattled our windows.

We also put up one of those small mural wallpaper thingamabobbers, and hung a curtain rod and 'scarf' in the master bathroom this past weekend, too. Pics are here.

Little by little, the place is shaping up.

Here is the album of the house in the month before, and a few months after we moved in.

I think our next room slated for redecorating will be our living room/dining room -- but that won't be for a little while.

And then there's the kitchen... any ideas? I wouldn't mind hearing your redecorating ideas for our kitchen and living room/dining room... really.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Oh man, could you not have made it just a LITTLE more girly??!! Come on, aren't you holding out a little?

Circus Kelli said...

Mr B - 3. Which part?

LadyBug said...

We have those same fishy shower curtain hooks in our kids' bathroom. Ours is a different fishy shower curtain, though. The bathroom looks great; you did a terrific job. And those princess netty-things in the girls' rooms? My girls would squeal, too! Those are adorable!

You must've had such a sense of pride and accomplishment, getting so much done over your long weekend. Kudos to you, CK.

P.S. I'm still smiling over getting to hear your voice today. :)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

The mosquito netting is a good idea though, I approve. Very practical and boy-like.

eclectic said...

They musta run out of the camo-print mosquito net, eh? ;) Very nice homemaking there, CK!

Nilbo said...

Great work .. it's very elegant. I love your taste ...

As for decorating ideas .. who would dare ...?

WILLIAM said...

The rooms look great.

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug - That was fun, wasn't it? :) If you get the netting, don't forget the earplugs.

Mr. B - Yes, I thought so, too.

Eclectic - Hee! Thank you!

Nilbo - Wow... thank you!

William - Thank you

Ginny said...

Man you guys are motivated...I like the idea of redecorating, but lack the gumption (and support from the spousel unit.)

Circus Kelli said...

Ginny -- Oh man, I know about lack of support from the spousal unit. Hubby was like that for YEARS while we lived in our townhouse, for reasons I understood, but chafed against. ("We need to keep it as neutral as possible so we can sell it quickly!") At that time, though, I warned him SOMEDAY! I would PAINT THE WALLS AND PUT WALLPAPER UP ON THEM.

He's just as sick of white walls now as I am. :) It all works out.

Cat said...

Wow. I am humbled by your decorating awesomeness.

It looks great! Rock on, CK.

Amy said...

I'd say it's more than shaping up, CK. I'd say it's pretty darn FANTABULOUS.

Love the girls rooms! Love the mural thingy! Love it all!!!!!

JessicaRabbit said...

Um, we're going paint shopping. Yes, yes we are.

Your fishy bathroom is adorable, however when I read it like that it sounds like it might need some pinesol. heh

That netting is awesome. But lady, we are so all over painting your kitchen. Totally.

All we have to do is pick you out some great paints like we were looking at online, and then I can get my paint samples too, so when your hubby says OH MY GOD ITS PEACH! Or whatever, I can pull out my blood red samples and go yeah, Im doing this to mine.

He will be SO happy he is married to you. hehehe

I have no problem being the bad example.

August95 said...

I love the girls bedrooms. So jealous of the princess netting. Do they come in king size lol.

I also really like your "blue" bathroom hahaha. ;)

Hope you are doing very well. :)

Circus Kelli said...

Cat - Thank you!

Amy - Thank you!

Jess - It's a plan! :)

August - I know! I would have loved a netting thing like that, but I think Hubby would have different ideas about it. And really, that bathroom is BLUE. REALLY.

Through a Glass Darkly said...

I love red for either a kitchen or a dining room.

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