Why I love email

This morning, I tried to leave K's after dropping the kids off and the two littlest clowns kept coming out the door for more hugs and kisses.

Finally, they allowed me to leave when K promised them hot fudge sundaes for breakfast or something (she didn't really do that, I'm totally making that up. If she had, I would have stayed.)

I arrive at work, and am working away when I see a message pop into my Gmail account. (I keep it open all day so K and the kids can contact me if they need me, rather than calling me)

This is the message thread that unfolded:

On 7/25/06, (Punkin using Chocolate K's email account) wrote:


CAN I SLEEPOVER??????????????????????


Circus Kelli to Punkin


Sorry, I don't know any LAVY SARITY. You must have the wrong MOOOOOOOMMMMMMM.


Punkin to Circus Kelli

ITS THE BLONDE HAIR BLUE EYE BEUTIFUL GIRL THAT YOU gave birth too 8 years ago....! you know the cute one!
are you stahling on the question? K says it's ok, and Krackel and Kit Kat and i are going to play and make a tent and have a good time!

Circus Kelli to Punkin

Wait... blonde hair? blue eyes? Hmmm... I have a picture here at my desk at work of a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl. She is sorta cute...

Yes, I'm totally stalling on answering the question. I'll let you know, ok?

I love you!

Punkin to Circus Kelli

"no stalling OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you know better than two stall"I AM NOT SORTA CUTE I'M FULL

Kelli to Punkin
Hee hee...

I'll talk to Dad and see what he thinks. I'm not sure what is going on tonight, ok? If we can't do it tonight, we'll do it soon.

I love you. Now, quit hogging K's computer and go play. :)


Punkin to Circus Kelli



eclectic said...

Hee! Lavy Sarity? Maybe Saturday? What's the Lavy Sarity?? Hee! Punkin can come sleep over here -- and we'll totally have ice cream sundaes for breakfast!!

stay-at-home mommy said...

Great blog. I came across you via Dad Gone Mad. Love the My Little Pony cake, btw! My daughter will be two in October - maybe I'll try it... :)

Effie said...

I cna just bet there was a grin a mile wide on your face during this process! Punkin is so sweet!

we were never allowed to go to sleepovers when we were little--I think I know the reason now--because we would want to have them at our house next--and there was already 6 kids running around--a few more would have been way too chaotic!

Happy Chocolate Tuesday Girl!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*hopes they took itching powder for the sleeping bags and had "pork chops and apple sauce"*

Doug said...

Methinks it would be hard for me to try to keep up with Punkin', what a sweetie she !

Annejelynn said...

I love your kids! -

hellokittn said...

So sweet :-). I hope I'm half as lucky as you someday :-)

LadyBug said...

That is abso-freakin'-lutely adorable. I certainly hope you printed it out and saved it.

And I'm with eclectic. What's Lavy Sarity?

P.S. My word ver is humrioz.

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