You're gonna wish this talked about the concert

A bit after 9:00pm last night, I announced I was going to "be a sloth" and went up to take a shower and go to bed. I turned the lights out around 10:00pm, and within moments, I was fast asleep. A little bit later, I heard "Moooooommmmm" and thought "Sweet Pea is calling me..." I had only been sleeping for about a half an hour, and her little slightly panicky voice reached into my unconscious mind and pulled me from sleep. Apparently, something woke her and she went downstairs looking for one of us. Hubby was in the basement, and when she didn't find him, she started to get nervous. I tucked her back in and she was fine.

As long as I was awake, I stopped in the bathroom before getting back in bed. I was just settling under the covers, and finding that sweet spot in my pillow (my eyes closed and already drifting off) when I suddenly felt two big hands on my leg. I screamed and then told Hubby he'd just scared me half to death! He thought I had seen him come into the room (clearly, I did not). Up until that point, I was still half asleep. He chuckled, after he apologized. (And now I have *two* "funny" things to repay him for)

I dreamed I was writing a blog entry with The Road Runner in it. I could see my green template and the picture of the Road Runner very clearly. (Meep Meep) Then, another sound was distracting me, pulling me out of my sleep. It was Buddy calling me.

Before I fully realized I was doing it, I was up, out of bed, and in Buddy's room, tucking him back into bed. He was all set and I made it back to my bed. A glance at the clock told me I had about a half an hour before the alarm was to go off.

Then, the storm arrived. And Buddy was scared and alone and I got up and went back into his room. I turned his light on real low, tucked him in and laid my head down on the mattress, my hand on his tummy. He could still see the lightning and, after realizing there was nothing to be afraid of, whenever he saw the lightning strike, he would say "Whoa!".

After a minute or two, I turned off his light and opened his curtains an inch or so. He liked the light show.

"Light ON, Mommy?"
"Oh! Light OFF!"

A little bit later, I got him to come into our bed, so I could lay down and perhaps go back to sleep. Not long after that, I realized that would not happen this morning. That boy NEVER sits still. Wait, I take that back, he was still for 16 seconds in a row at one point this morning. (I counted)

Just then, the alarm went off. We have a radio alarm, and the first song that I heard was "She Drives Me Crazy" -- the first lyrics that were heard "I can't get any rest..." That made me laugh, and I spent the rest of the song trying to remember the name of the group. I kept coming up with "Cannonballs something" and I knew that wasn't it. When the song ended, I remembered the group's name, the "Fine Young Cannibals". I wasn't too far off.

In case you haven't figured it out, folks... I'm still exhausted. Probably more from "girl stuff" than from a concert I went to over the weekend. Don't worry, though. It's nothing a couple of Advil, a bottle of Jack and menopause couldn't cure.

Ok, I lied. I don't drink Jack Daniels. I'm more of a "Rum Gal" -- which makes me think of Captain Jack and "Hello Elizabeth. Hide the RUM!"

It's storming here right now, big thunder boomers with lots of lightning and I'm wearing jeans and a baseball jersey type shirt (with the company logo on it!) and my boss is out today and now seems like a perfect time for a little nappy... if you'll excuse me...


LadyBug said...

You need to set up a George Costanza-inspired napping area under your desk. Hee.


Bless your heart, hon. It just figures that the ONE time Mom actually goes to bed early, the kiddos are up and down all night. Mommies never get a break.

Love and hugs to you today, CK. And hey, why don'tcha send those storms my way? We sure could use some rain and a break from the heat.

Doug said...

Life in the fast lane never palls,
Smooth as cream,
'Til the hammer falls,
And breaks up a nice dream.

Jus' thinkin', If ya sleep with your eyes open - - walls slap your face.

eclectic said...

CK, you crack me up girl! I'm taking the little eclectics and some friends up to the big water slides today. God help me, I'd much rather take a nap....

Nilbo said...

You sleep at WORK? What do they PAY you for? Shame on you. (smirk)

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug - Hmmm. Good idea!

Doug - Hee... I hate it when that happens.

Eclectic - Oh, so would I. I'll bet you had a terrific time, though!

Nilbo - No! No! I don't SLEEP AT WORK! Heavens no! I just "rest my eyes"...

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