Block Party

Today, our street had a block party. Really. An honest to goodness "everyone bring their food, we'll grill it, there's a keg, we've blocked off the street and there is even going to be a band" block party.

I've never lived on a street where people would want to socialize with their neighbors, let alone have a block party.

Now, truth be told, I didn't want to go to the block party. Hubby is the social one, not me. He knows this about me, knows he will have to "drag me" to the party, and loves me anyway. My inner child went to the block party kicking and screaming.

It was a bunch of people I don't know... they all live on the "other end" of the street. I still don't think I could tell you any of their names... wait, there was a Chris, a Jim, a Sandy, Andrea... Bill? ...and a TON of kids there. Who knew there were so many kids?

There was beer and food and kids running amuck. I chatted with one or two of the women there, and Hubby probably knows everyone by name now.

The band was really pretty good. The Bullfrogs, they're called, and they played for over three hours. A lot of Clapton, some Buffett, Lynrd Skynrd, and even Foghat. The song I won't forget, though is "Mustang Sally."

It was pretty dark by then, and most everyone was now crowded in front of one house -- the house where the band played from the garage. Some people standing around, some sitting and listening. The band invited people to come up and sing with them. Buddy had "lawn seats" after pulling a lawn chair to a specific spot on the lawn and settling into it. Punkin was front row with her friends, and Sweet Pea was "dancing" (also known as jumping up and down very fast). We figured with those moves, she should be in the mosh pit.

Not long into the song, one of the female singers scooped Sweet Pea up onto her hip and sang the rest of the song holding her. Sweet Pea and Deb were positioned between two guitar players, and smack in the middle of the "stage". When the words "Ride Sally Ride" came in the song, Sweet Pea sang them into the microphone like a pro.

Four years old and she's singing in a band! (shaking my head)

We laughed and enjoyed the performance just like two proud parents should. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She looked a little hesitant when it came time to sing, but so very pleased with herself.

I thanked Deb for doing that for Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea had a blast! I got down on Sweet Pea's level and said "Wow! That was great, honey! You can tell K that when you see her on Monday! She's going to be SO proud of you!" to which Sweet Pea replied, "Yeah! I sang in a band, AND went poop on the potty!" (Hee! Sounds like a full day to me!)

The band played on after that, and I watched Buddy as he now sat in our neighbor's lap. Within a few minutes, he was fast asleep, and I carried him home and put him in bed.

All in all, it was a good party. The cops even showed up at one point, and told us to turn it down. We all had a good time. As usual, I'm glad Hubby strongly encouraged me to go. Otherwise, really? What else would I have done? Prolly just sat here in front of the computer and blogged...


Bone Machine said...

What? No Motorhead?

Lynn said...

You would have stayed home and blogged? Me, too. My husband is always the one to convince me to go out somewhere. Your little singer sounds adorable.

Nilbo said...

She sang in a band AND pooped on a potty? She's soooo far ahead of the majority of rock musicians. Ask Bucky.

I'm glad you got dragged out and forced to actually go face to face with real life. People spend too much time hunkered down in front of computers nowadays ...

BJ said...

Giddy up go, Sweat Pea!

Circus Kelli said...

Bone - Not that I can recall. :)

Lynn - Now, if it was a date night with the Hubby, or an outing with a girlfriend, I'd be all over it. I just don't really schmooz all that well.

Nilbo - LOL! Ask Bucky? You know, I would but, I'm just really afraid to know the answer.

BJ - You know it, Beej!

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

It's true that both singing and getting the poop in the potty is probably too much to ask of the average rock musician in one day.

And you know it's not really a party until the cops show up.

eclectic said...

Rock ON, SweetPea!! But I bet bloggers could throw a blog party that'd put your little neighborhood BBQ to shame... if only we could get geography to cooperate with us. ;)

Glad you had fun!

Circus Kelli said...

Bucky - I'd always heard that, but never been to a party where the cops DID show up!

Eclectic - Oh yeah! A blog party would rock! :) (we'd prolly have to let Bone and Bloggy pick out the music though... maybe Bucky could sing for us!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

We had block parties when I was a kid. They were fun, but yeah, I'm very sure I wouldn't be going if we had them on my block nowadays.

Pick out the music huh? Yeah, I think I could handle that, but NO Buffet and NO Skynyrd Innards.

LadyBug said...

I hope you got photos of Sweet Pea's first performance.

And yes, I'd say singing with the band AND going poop in the potty make for a full day. :)

Hugs to you, CK!

Effie said...

Go Sweet Pea, Go Sweet Pea, go, go, Go Sweet Pea!!

That's SO cool!

Closet Metro said...

I would need to be dragged to the party too. My social butterfly is still in the cocoon.

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