Friday Night


The kids prefer Domino's Pizza, and I prefer a different pizza, so I spoiled us both and ordered two different small pizzas from two different pizza places. The kids finished their pizza, and I ate probably 2-3 pieces more than I should have... but, BOY! Was it good!

As we were sitting around the kitchen table coloring after dinner, the kids suggested a sleepover at Grandma's house, and how they would really like to do that soon. "...and you would get a break from us and you wouldn't have to yell.", said Punkin. "Not that you yell a lot or anything..." To which Sweet Pea added, "Yeah, you yell real good... and loud sometimes..."

Heh. Thanks, girls.

OH! I wanted to share with you the very best voice mail ever. When I got in to work this morning, this voice mail was waiting for me. (while you are waiting for it to load, turn up your sound a bit)

Sooo... I'm fulla pizza, the kids are going to bed soon, and when the house is quiet and the kids are all in their beds, I will have a wine cooler, and do some work on the computer until I get sleepy enough to go to bed.

Ah... a very nice night indeed.


Doug said...

We lived in a fourplex, two on top of two. Our middle daughter lived in the cater-corner apartment from us. Her husband an I worked together. So, Friday night pizza became a tradition with us.

The kids didn't mention what caused the yelling I see. I can make a pretty good guess.

The voice mail makes up for a lot, doesn't it ? How utterly sweet the sound of loving offspring.

Have fun this weekend Sis.

hellokittn said...

Hope your weekend is full of many more peaceful and loving moments like pizza night.

What was on your pie O:-)?

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Tonight will be pizza night for the staff of YPS!! But we're on a very limited budget and will only be ordering from ONE pizza place.

Must be nice, to be able to splash money around at different pizza joints rubbing elbows with various delivery boy/girls. Having TWO pizza packagings in the trash together. Ahh, what a life. But no, the YPS!! staff must cut corners somewhere to bring you the finest in trash and crappola.

Oh, the sacrifices we make...

Nilbo said...

Mmmmm ... pizza. Friday nights is pizza night at our place, too, although I live out in the country, so rather than have it delivered I have to get down and dirty in the kitchen. But still ... yummm.

Adorable voicemail - obviously a kid angling for an extra slice. And sounds like it worked!

Hope the rest of the weekend goes as well at the Circus as your Friday night did!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - I was yelling because I'm the meanest Mom on the planet. Luckily, the pizza made up for it.

Kittn - Cheese, sausage, Canadian Bacon, and tomato...YUM!

Mr. B - well, yes... didn't you know? I only work to keep me from boredom...

Nilbo - In the time it takes for the pizza to get here after the phone call, I could have made one myself!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I need to win the lotto and try boredom for a while. I think I could swing it.

Bone Machine said...

Those YPS!! fokkers just like to keep it real. However, they were firing down Red Hots like crack addicts having a taste test at a cocaine convention.

Lynn said...

CK, I just came back from shopping with three little girls. The youngest one, who likes to prance, hop and jump was wearing... flip-flops. It was a very long shopping trip. You have my sympathy in your workplace. Time to go, I gotta bust up a fight.

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