It's a Blog Thing

There are many people I've "met" in my six years online.

Six years ago, I had an online journal. Through that journal, I met a few people who I became cyberfriends with. People all over the country. A few of them helped me gain confidence and some web skills. A few of them offered friendship. One offered access to a message board she ran. Through that message board, I discovered more friends. Last year, I actually had a grand opportunity to meet up with a bunch of them. (Meeting up with people you've corresponded with through words and pictures for years is a great experience!)

I don't get to that message board as often as I would like these days, although I've managed to keep a small handful of the friends from my "rookie" days. Denver Doug comes to mind. He is a kind gentle man from the Denver area. He has been around for 80-some odd years, and is quite the wordsmith. We've exchanged family pictures and correspondence for six years now, (I've even had a chance to talk to him on the phone once or twice!) but it seems as if I've known him forever. At one point, he asked if it would be ok to consider me a cybersibling (hence "Brudder Doug"), and he thinks of my kids as his own grandkids.

There are several other of my friends from that time, BJ, Sandy and Phred come to mind right off.

When I moved my journal to a blog two years ago, a new group of cyberfriends found me. I am so very grateful for them. I'm not going to name all of themindividually, but you can find some of them in that list of blogs I read over to the right. (And yeah, if you are reading this and you don't have a blog you may not get how people on the other sides of the country/world can become friends, and I'm cool with you thinking I'm odd.) These people make me laugh, provide cybersupport when I need it, and offer different perspectives when I need those, too.

One of these people is Miss Susie Fairchild. I won't go on and on about her virtues... those of you who read her blog already know. Those of you who don't read her blog, go read it and find out for yourself. She's a lovely, lovely individual with a really huge heart. I think about her every day, and send her all sorts of good vibes. She makes me smile, just by being her.

Susie takes some really terrific pictures. When I saw this one, I asked for permission to use it on my blog. I'm not a professional web designer, but I do ok with it.

This month's design is for my friends in real life, and those online who make me smile and giggle, including Susie. Thank you all so very much for being there.


Nilbo said...

Lovely design - smart, clever, wonderful use of colour ... yes, you do "okay".

I hope I'm thought of as one of your "blogfriends" ... it would be a thrill to be considered in the smae company as people like Doug and Susie ...

Circus Kelli said...

Yeah? Really? Thanks, Nilbo. :)

I do consider you one of my blog friends. Do you read Doug's journal at all? You might enjoy his writing... although his wordsmithing is a bit different than yours.

Annejelynn said...

lovely new masthead - - and I recognized the photo IMMEDIATELY ~ ain't Susie a peach!?

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Odd. You're so very odd.


Effie said...

Oooh--nice colours--and that photo of Susie's is absolutely lovely!

I never thought that I would make such good friends, online, and I always thought that people who met others online were being risky--but it's amazing, isn't it?!


eclectic said...

I look just like that sunflower right this very minute. Okay, no I don't... but I'd like to.

Can I be your fwend, too? ;)

WILLIAM said...

I like the new look.

Circus Kelli said...

William - Thank you!

Eclectic - I would love it if you were my friend!

Effie - Thank you! It's just like real life. Like minds find each other. :)

Mr. B - I never claimed to be otherwise, did I?

Annejelynn - She surely is. :)

Laura said...

Kelli, I love the new design! Just beautiful!!

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

You said "wordsmithing" - is that used as a verb or a gerund? You know that if it's used as a verb I automatically convert it to "anal sex."

(see what kind of freaks you meet online?)

Bone Machine said...

Filling in the blanks, I think there is a subliminal message in there telling the YPS!! gents to go to Hell. It requires special lighting and a bit of imagination to see, but it's there.

Lynn said...

Love the new digs!

Doug said...

Sis, It's been such a long time that we met on Al Schroeder's Nova Notes and found through our answers to his entry questions that we thought much alike.
Its been nothing but wonderful as the years have passed.
As an only lonely child who was accepted with open arms by his in-laws and found what family is really like there has also been a bonus.
People like you who are on the net are my soulmates, we communicate - probably better than most family members do.

I am so glad to think you feel the same way and am proud to call you Sis, makes me feel quite honored that you think of me as a Brudder.

LadyBug said...

It's a beautiful design, CK. And a wonderful tribute to Miss Susie.

Susie said...

Oh, look :) It's great, I'm so happy you wanted to use it. xoxox

cat said...

Aw, we love you, too, CK.

Vajana said...

you always make me smile CK!!!

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