Missive from Mommyland

I'm in Mommyland today with the kids.

After sleeping in until 7:15am (a full two hours later than a normal work day), the kids and I all went downstairs for a breakfast of toaster waffles, toaster french toast, and Captain Crunch and Pops cereals.

Since then, I've made our bed and straightented our room, refereed several squabbles, checked my email, swept up a dumped bowl of Captain Crunch and Pops cereals, supervised three tantrums (one a piece), emptied the coffee table cabinet looking for a Thomas the Train movie, and checked in to work once.

Now, I wander aimlessly. If I sit down and watch a movie with them, I'll feel like I should be doing more around the house. With this heat, though, I don't want to start doing laundry, nor do I want to attempt to take three kids out to the store for any errands (especially with the way they've been acting this morning). There are other chores around the house to do, and I really don't feel like doing any of them, either.

Punkin is upstairs playing in her room (after getting into a bit of a snit with her sister), and the two littles are down here at the kitchen table. Both are kneeling on their own kitchen chair, each holding a small pencil sharpener in one hand, and a pencil in the other. The scraps are falling off into a bowl that each has (so I won't have to sweep the floor again until after lunch). Again, with this heat, playing outside today is not an option either.

And it's 9:00am.

This day will be a good one. I know that. I just need to find a way to better channel my restlessness.

Update: 10:55am
It's been nearly two hours. We're done with the water color paints, the mess in the family room has been cleaned up, and I just ordered Super Sweet Pea to take her special light ray (glow necklace) and her super-powered blanket to fly on up to her room and put on her special super-powered outfit (anything besides pajamas!). Punkin is in her room (with the door locked against the force known as "The Littles") supposedly getting herself dressed, too.

Buddy is in 'destructive mode' today. He will go down for a nap after lunch. *fingers crossed*

Update: 2:00pm
Buddy isn't napping, even though I, er, HE clearly needs it. The girls finished watching Charlotte's Web and are now coloring with the new markers Sweet Pea got for her birthday last week.

My sinuses are all clogged today, and my head is pounding. Every noise feels like it might be loud enough to be heard well, really really loudly.

Uh-oh. Buddy just appeared downstairs. The fact that he wasn't asleep isn't news to me. The "Houdini Act" is. We put a safety gate up in his doorway when he's sleeping to keep him inside his room so he sleeps (heh), and so he doesn't roam the house when we're all asleep in the middle of the night. Apparently, he just figured out how to pop the gate. When he got next to my desk, he announced, "Mommy, me UP!"

And don't you know, I just had to smile...

Send help.


LadyBug said...

Playing outside is TOTALLY an option.

1. Apply sunscreen liberally to everyone in the house.

2. Walk outside.

3. Turn on the sprinkler.

4. Have fun and stay cool!

Optional #5 - If you have a wading pool, pour a bunch of bubble bath in it and use a sprayer attachment on your hose to fill it up. Makes TONS of bubbles, and I guarantee even the oldest kids who think they're too "big" to play in a wading pool will want to play. Mine did!

P.S. My word verification is elemo. However, Elmo is NOT an option today, do you hear me, CK?!? :)

Circus Kelli said...

Ladybug - Thank you for the ideas! I may do that, but I am concerend that even with water and bubbles, it is just way too hot out there.

I've just been informed that the boy is poopy. My reply was "Ok! Who wants to change him?!"

Word verification: "bfrck" -- that's pretty much what I say when I have to change a poopy diaper.

Effie said...

Ah, good suggestion from ladybug--SPRINKLER TIME!! WOOHOO!

Who wanted to change Buddy for you? Hmmm? No takers I bet!!

don't get too hot girlie! Make homemade popsicles with the littles or something equally messy and fun....

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I swear the comment I made on Susie's blog came STRAIGHT out of a Flea Market collector's guide.

Effie said...

I'm here to save you--I'll take your kids for a day or two and you can get some rest--a nice relaxing massage to get rid of your headache and soothing music for a nap afterwards....how's that sound??

Lynn said...

CK,I feel for you, but it's nice to know that my house isn't the only one with a 'circus-like' atmosphere. Hang in there!

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